My Billion Dollar Quest: Finding Purpose in Powerful Goals

When I was younger, I practiced signing my name on every baseball I could find. I knew that I would play professional ball someday. I wanted to be a millionaire. A million dollars… it seemed like such an enormous sum. Today, it’s a billion. But the billion I want isn’t for me anymore.

That billion is for the kids who go from home to home with everything they own in a plastic bag. That billion is for the kids in abusive homes that need the opportunity to break the cycle of abuse. That billion is for the kids who come home to drug use and face the ugly truth of addiction.

That billion is for Give Back.

With $1 billion, we can put 50,000 children on a path to opportunity through education. With $1 billion, we can change the future of some of the neediest communities in the country. With $1 billion, we might just change the world.

For two days in June, I joined 500 of my fellow founding employees of Beyond as we celebrated the wild success we have achieved in just one year. While we discussed new product offerings, new development opportunities and recapped this incredible journey, we did something so much more important.

As a leader, I got to watch the faces of my team, my fellow founders and even our hotel staff change as they, for the first time, FELT our mission. I think that before this event, the fact that Beyond is supporting our beneficiary, Give Something Back, was just marketing talk for a lot of people.

Now, everything is different.

I have been to several company meetings before. I’ve been awarded trips. I’ve been celebrated, and I’ve presented to those whom we celebrated.

Until this event, I never needed tissues at a company meeting. Until this event, I have never needed to leave a room because I couldn’t control my emotions.

Yesterday, Beyond and Give Back became one mission. One focus. One goal. One billion.

I believe that now every Business Advocate, Team Lead, and Division Director knows who we really are at Beyond.

I believe that soon, every business owner will know who we are at Beyond.

We are Beyond.

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