Employee Spotlight: Bonnie Canal

Beyond is proud to introduce Bonnie Canal as September’s featured employee. Bonnie works as a Division Sales Director in Region 7 and was nominated by Business Advocate Meaghan Clark.

“Bonnie represents what Beyond strives to be which is an open, diverse company that puts clients first,” Meaghan said.

Bonnie is constantly going out of her way to learn everything she can about Beyond and all its services. She offers very helpful feedback to Beyond staff in a variety of departments and often volunteers to represent her team on any panels to test out processes and products.

“I have seen her take calls as early as 7:00 am and as late as 10:00 pm, so when she says she is always there for her team, she means it,” Meaghan said.

An exemplary anecdote of Bonnie’s impact took place on Meaghan’s very first day with Beyond. Meaghan said she had an exciting, but very limited opportunity to speak with a new lead about our business services. Without Bonnie stepping up, the meeting wouldn’t have been possible.

“We came in at the 11th hour and it was a big gamble. I did not have a lot of knowledge or information to share with this lead, but Bonnie made sure she found someone in the company who would be available to work with us on a conference call,” Meaghan explained. “She went above and beyond to find a Beyond representative to help me out on my first day.”

Thank you, Bonnie, for your dedication to improving the future for Beyond, one team member at a time. It is this kind of devotion that makes Beyond proud to have you.