Pushing the Limits: Janet Whitaker

Sometimes, the best way to learn something new is simply by doing it. As in the famous words of Pablo Picasso, “I am always doing that which I cannot do, in order that I may learn how to do it.”

For Beyond’s Janet Whitaker, it is never a question of can I do it, but rather, how can I learn to do it—and do it well? With this forward-thinking mindset, Janet has positioned herself as a leading salesperson in all aspects of the Beyond product suite—from Payments to Lending to Workforce.

To be knowledgeable in not one, but all products your organization offers, it’s essential to commit to some risk-taking. Contrary to the typical sales approach, Janet consistently challenges the status quo, treating each client as a new opportunity to test her knowledge of each product.

Janet started at Beyond as a Team Lead on the Sales team. As she progressed into more of a leadership role among her peers, Janet was promoted to Division Director in the fall of 2018. In this role, she has led her team in multi-product selling, amidst an industry in which many Sales organizations encourage being an expert in one product. This mentality does not exist for Janet.

“She not only educates her team, but extends knowledge to the entire Beyond Sales team,” said Eileen Burke, Director of Restaurant Technology Partnerships at Beyond. “Janet is the type of leader that truly makes everyone better at what they do.”

When introducing services to a prospect, it is important to cast a wide net—even if you come up short. A merchant could be looking for a back-of-house management solution, but while in the meeting, also realize their POS systems are out-of-date. It’s common in negotiations to shoot high, then meet in the middle. By thinking big from the start, your compromise could still result in closing a deal. Simply communicate to the customer that you are there to help them. Their decision to use your company’s product(s) allows them to focus on what they do best.

Thank you, Janet, for creating more opportunities for all of us as a result of your “sky is the limit” mindset. Beyond is grateful for the role Janet plays in educating the Sales team on the precise details that make each of our products tick.


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