Fix-It Case Study: Castellucci Restaurants


Fix-It Saves Time and Boosts Productivity

The Castellucci Hospitality Group operates five of Atlanta’s premier restaurant concepts—The Iberian Pig, Cooks & Soldiers, Double Zero, Sugo Kitchen and Bar Mercado.

With equipment and employees spread throughout the city, CHG regularly confronts logistical challenges that affect their customer experience and deter employee productivity when equipment breaks down.

To address these problems, CHG adopted the Fix-It platform, which fosters communication among their management teams, streamlines vendor relationships, and tracks repair and maintenance needs (per equipment item) to ensure each issue is resolved properly.


CHG faced five critical needs:

  • Notifying key staff members of breakdowns
  • Tracking repair statuses efficiently
  • Managing preferred service vendors
  • Controlling R&M spend
  • Organizing service records and invoices



Using Fix-It, CHG’s leadership team: ƒ

  • Eliminated outstanding repairs by maintaining a shared list of repair needs ƒ
  • Increased employee accountability by sharpening leader oversight ƒ
  • Reduced R&M spend by increasing control over repair decisions ƒ
  • Improved employee retention by streamlining manager workloads ƒ
  • Saved significant time by organizing repair information and invoices


“It makes my life easier by being right there on my phone. It sets repairs and maintenance apart from my regular everyday duties, because they are not regular everyday duties. Repair and maintenance are things that you have to get to immediately in this industry.” – Meeka Baxter, Accounting Manager for Castellucci Hospitality Group

About Fix-It

Fix-It is an easy-to-use productivity tool designed to help retail operators and their management teams identify, communicate, track and resolve issues with broken equipment. The platform delivers valuable reporting on your R&M activity and repair records for your equipment. There are no contracts, no training requirements, and a Beyond representative will walk you through setting up your account personally—in less than an hour.


It’s simple to get up and running. Contact us to learn more or request a demo.