Four Tips for Adapting Your Business During COVID-19

As we continue to navigate these uncertain times, Beyond strives to remain a valuable resource to independent business owners like you. We know the current pandemic has caused many to experience business disruption, and as we maneuver this temporary situation, we must remember that there are better days ahead for owners and employees alike.

This challenging dynamic requires all of us to adopt a resilient mindset and evaluate how best to evolve our businesses and talent to continue providing value to customers, generating revenue, and getting front line staff paid.

Fortunately, Congress’s stimulus bill will provide independent business owners a monetary boost. While stimulus funds will help, it’s important for business owners and employees to explore all ways to transition and transform their businesses to positively impact customers even after this crisis wanes. Here are a few tips to consider:

1. Double Down on Online Ordering

If there’s one easy step to take, it’s to enable online ordering for your business. Whether you manage a restaurant that has traditionally relied on phone orders, or you run a brick and mortar shopping boutique, it’s imperative that your business transition to online ordering. Our online ordering platform allows you to take orders through your website and Facebook page, instead of paying a hefty commission to ordering marketplaces. We offer a low monthly fixed rate with access to analytics through a free tablet. If you’re trying to keep your staff working, consider using servers as delivery drivers for online orders.

2. Transform Your Business into a Supply Service

With many storefronts closed, the type of end-product your customers typically expect might not be able to be provided. Instead, transform your business and leverage your inventory and network to offer valuable supplies to customers. If you work with food vendors, continue to engage them, and consider selling those premium products and ingredients to your customers. Instead of your regular product or service, you can turn your restaurant into a digital or physical grocery store. When hand sanitizer started flying off the shelves, Cedar Ridge Winery and Distillery shifted their resources to producing antiseptic products—providing a much-needed resource to their customers, while helping their business keep going.

3. Offer Premium Services that Bring Joy to Your Customers

Now is the time to showcase expert skillsets and creativity. If you’re a restaurant chef or owner, consider creating a custom dinner service providing customers unique meal experiences they wouldn’t necessarily get when ordering from the typical menu. For example, theme nights or meals for virtual special occasions like graduations, birthdays or date night. If you provide a service, like a hair salon does, offer virtual consultations for a discounted price, or consider offering virtual shopping options in your store.

4. Help Employees Find Temporary Job Opportunities to Strengthen and Acquire New Skills

If you’re unable to keep your staff working at full capacity, you’re not alone. Ideally, you’ll want those employees back on the payroll once getting through this challenging time. Help employees obtain jobs that will help strengthen existing skills or acquire new ones that they can then apply to your business when they return. Numerous companies from Instacart to CVS and national restaurant brands like Dominos are hiring. If your employees have more free time on their hands than usual, share online trainings and resources with them to help them master a new skill during this strange time. Give your employees the resources they need to get through this difficult time, and you will have a stronger workforce when business returns to usual.

At Beyond, our goal is to help you navigate any challenge your business faces—and the COVID crisis is no different. Learn more about how we can support your business during the pandemic.

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