How to Keep Your Terminals Clean

At Beyond, we’re committed to helping small businesses get through these unprecedented times. Reduce the spread of germs and bacteria by properly sanitizing your equipment and taking extra precautions to follow updated health guidelines.


  • Practice safe hygiene and always wash hands prior to using or cleaning a terminal.
  • Provide additional sanitizing options like wipes or hand sanitizer for customers to use in-store.
  • Enable contactless payments and encourage customers to use.
  • Allow the consumer to insert or tap their own card when possible.
  • Ensure your terminal is unplugged and powered off prior to cleaning.


  • Don’t require customer signatures if you accept a chip card. Your transaction is already secure, so feel free to skip this step to limit extra contact. Look for a software update to disable signatures on your device.
  • Don’t pour liquid or spray cleaning products directly onto the terminal. Use a cloth or wipe that has been sprayed instead.
  • Don’t use hand sanitizer or harsh and abrasive cleaners that contain strong chemicals such as bleach on the terminal.
  • Don’t vigorously scrub or shake the equipment.
  • Don’t insert anything but a card reader cleaning card in or through the card readers.

As businesses across the country are starting to re-open, we’re here to help you navigate our new normal. Learn more. 

*COVID-19 updates are ever-changing and therefore business owners should continue to follow guidelines set forth by the CDC, state, and local authorities.


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