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There are 32.5 million small businesses in the United States and that number is growing every day. Local businesses are integral pieces of our communities—anchors that help to keep us all connected. From creating jobs to providing gathering places, local businesses sustain our local economies and fuel our communities.

There’s no question that independently-owned businesses play a vital role in the health of our neighborhoods and cities. Not only do they provide entrepreneurs opportunities to live out their passion, but they also create meaningful jobs. From 2000 to 2019, small businesses created 10.5 million net new jobs, while large businesses created just 5.6 million. Even more, since 2000, small businesses have accounted for 65.1 percent of net new job creation.

And while local businesses play such a crucial role in the health and success of our communities, many organizations overlook the necessity of supporting small businesses. Whether that be by pushing local businesses out or instead prioritizing partnerships with big-box stores, many corporations ignore the need to support and serve small businesses.

At Beyond, we believe when local businesses thrive, so do the communities they serve. Our people-first attitude and commitment to doing the right thing keeps local businesses thriving and our communities connected. Here’s how.

Supporting Local is in Our DNA

At Beyond, what we do is simple: we help local businesses. From restaurant owners to dentists, we partner with business owners to simplify operations, providing them the necessary tools to run their businesses—like payment processing, online ordering, payroll, and more. And because businesses need these solutions to survive, we make sure we are a valued, trusted partner to their business.

Business owners: Just because you need these services, doesn’t mean your partner shouldn’t try to earn your business every day.

We know running a business can be a lonely, challenging, and frustrating endeavor. From early morning inventory counts to late night book-keeping, we know that you wear a lot of hats. Our goal is to be a partner that gives you the support, guidance, and real-life interaction you need and deserve.

There are plenty of payment processing companies that will hook business owners in with enticing prices, and then essentially abandon them after install. When an issue arises, customers are forced to rely on overseas call centers with long wait times.

That’s why Beyond has Business Advocates located in communities across the country—a local partner to the small businesses we serve. A real person, who’s just a phone call or text away. Not only do we offer real-life, in-person support, but our Business Advocates are members of your community. They shop at your stores, they dine in your restaurants, they know exactly how important each small business is—and that’s why they care so much. In fact, our Business Advocates have been known to do some pretty awesome stuff. Like jumping in to ring-up customers on busy nights, dropping in during a product launch day, and giving their clients shout-outs on social media when they know business is slow.

As a local business owner, you deserve support that’s tailored to you—and who knows your business better than someone local to your town?

Community Impact Where it Matters Most

Our commitment to impacting communities goes deeper than our Business Advocates and local presence. We’re also a company with a cause. When you go Beyond, you’re also giving back, thanks to the nonprofit at the heart of our company, Give Something Back (Give Back). Just by doing business with us, you help to impact communities and change the lives of students and families across the country.

To truly live up to our mission of supporting local communities, we invest in the minds and futures of smart, capable, young people. Give Back empowers students who have faced economic hardship and other adversities by helping them set clear goals, lay a sound academic foundation, and explore career pathways while still in high school. As the beneficiary of Beyond, we’re able to impact the communities we serve from the ground up.

In a time when it seems the whole world is going digital, we’re here to remind you that relationships are here to stay. Don’t run your business alone—lean on your community and find support from other businesses. Seek out vendors who believe in face-to-face interaction and won’t disappear the minute you sign a contract. Find out more about the promises we make to our clients, and subscribe to our blog for more small business resources.


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