Making an Impact Outside the Office – Kathryn Henry

Hurricane Michael, the strongest Hurricane to hit the Florida Panhandle in US history, left thousands of Florida residents without food, shelter, or resources. While natural disasters like this often end in immense destruction and harm, they can also show the intense level of empathy and compassion that exists in our communities.

In the wake of Hurricane Michael, Business Advocate Kathryn Henry brought the same understanding, patient and calm demeanor she brings to Beyond to neighboring communities that were devastated by the storm. Knowing that she very well could have been affected by the storm had it not shifted its course before making landfall, Kathryn took it upon herself to mobilize community members, gather supplies, and provide support.

Based out of the Florida Panhandle, Kathryn and friends purchased over $1,600 in supplies for Bonifay, FL—which had seen no aid since the hurricane hit. Volunteers collected additional supplies for the community and planned a dinner for the town. Following her visit to Bonifay, Kathryn continued her tour and rallied a group of volunteers who traveled to Wewahitchka, a town impacted heavily by the storm—losing all power, water and cell service for an extended period. The group fed over 2,000 people, many of whom had gone without a warm meal in days.

The compassion Kathryn shows for her community is the same compassion and zeal Kathryn brings to her Beyond clients. Before selling a prospect on our products, she listens to the needs of the business, paying attention so she can decipher how Beyond can best help the client. She treats each client relationship as a unique case—much the same way she helped the different communities in Florida. Kathryn’s willingness to serve both inside and outside the office aligns with Beyond’s philanthropic mission to support education through our beneficiary, Give Something Back. Thank you, Kathryn, for your selfless efforts to help those affected by Hurricane Michael. Beyond is proud to have you on our team.