Why Millennials are Built for Success in Sales

America’s largest generation has been studied and over-analyzed more than any one to come before it. Criticisms directed at Millennials have had an impact on employment, but as they begin to shift to be the majority of the American workforce, perceptions are changing.

In particular, there’s a lot to get excited about when talking about Millennials in sales positions. So what makes them built to succeed in 21st century sales?

1. Constantly Connected

Gone are the days of the rolodex (Millennials, click here for a history lesson). In today’s environment, a salesperson is the assistant, boss and IT department all rolled into one — simultaneously handling multiple streams of communication on every platform and device that connects to wifi.

Customer networks have grown along with the technology. A single salesperson can now operate far beyond their local community, with the potential to call on coastal clients from small-town, middle America. Tech-savvy Millennial’s were built to handle this complex web of communication.

2. Independent Entrepreneurs

Last year, 62% of Millennials claimed they considered starting their own business. True entrepreneurs, they are always seeking a chance to be their own boss and support work-life balance and flexibility. There may not be a better opportunity to check all these boxes than as an independent salesperson.

Operating under their own set hours brings to life the, “work hard, play hard” mentality. Even more freedom can come in the form of uncapped earning potential which creates the opportunity to cash in on their hard work and networking.

Millennials are driven by far more than punching a clock from 9-5. Many opportunities are built around salesperson independence and uncapped earning potential. 

3. Recognition and Rewards

Millennials are results oriented and have an internal drive to see measurable successes. They set goals and thrive when they can see these goals materialized. Luckily, instant gratification is a common occurrence in sales.

It’s not always for the faint of heart, but this generation has learned to roll with the punches. The last to be hired and the first to be fired, Millennials are used to adversity and their thick skin gives them a fearless outlook on commission based opportunities. Meeting sales milestones and receiving rewards immediately also seems to only boost Millennials hunger for success.

4. Making a Difference

Quite possibly the most consistent trait of Millennials is their desire to make positive change in the world. 95% of Millennials say that a company’s reputation and commitment to goodwill matters to them. The sales industry is taking note. There are more and more opportunities with businesses that are committed to transparent and honest support of their customers.

On the flip side, Millennials have an eye for dishonesty. Companies that have been known to take advantage of customers, offer malicious pricing practices and poor customer service will continue to miss out on Millennial prospects.

Find a company with values and a mission that align with your own and you will find it much easier to build a network, pitch to potential customers and close the sale. If this has fueled your fire, we here at Beyond are interested in talking to you. Send us your resume today.