Our Not-So Secret Weapon: Beyond Louisville Service Center

When you’re in business to help other businesses, ensuring client success is the top priority. At Beyond, our clients and their businesses are at the center of everything we do. Whether that’s helping them take their business online or streamlining their payroll process—we handle the back-office details for small business owners so they can focus on what they do best.

If our clients aren’t successful, then neither are we. And there’s one crucial way we support our clients on their path to success: our Louisville Service Center.

In the hyper-competitive world of merchant processing, we stand out by providing our clients tailored service, ongoing support, and the security of a partner who has as much stake in their business as they do.

So, what makes our approach to service so different?

A Legally Binding Promise to Be Better

90 percent of Americans use customer service as a factor in deciding whether to do business with a company. Providing excellent client service isn’t just a nice-to-have, it’s essential.

When Beyond was founded, we knew creating one of the best Service Centers in the industry would set us above the rest. That’s why we dedicated an entire Promise to client support. The Beyond Promises are the pillars of our business and are honored as a contract with our clients. 

Beyond Promise #9 | Excellent Client Support

The Beyond Service Center, based in Louisville, Kentucky, provides highly effective underwriting, efficient onboarding, and personalized customer service.

Our dedication to customer service has proven to put us above our competitors. The average industry Net Promotor Score—a metric that measures customer satisfaction—is -10 (on a scale from -100 to +100). At Beyond, our NPS score is fifty points higher than the payments industry average.

Our Client Support team is comprised of industry experts who work quickly and efficiently to help our clients solve complex problems. Take it from one of our clients:

“Beyond’s customer service is top, top, top. I get calls out of nowhere just to ask if I have questions or need help. Glad I went with them!”

-Mark Maron, The Disney Gallery

Specialized Teams for Tailored Support

To help our clients and Sales team overcome roadblocks, we have six teams of specialized customer service professionals.

Client and Sales Support

The Client and Sales Support team are our product and hardware experts. From helping clients with versions and updates to adding hardware accessories, this team handles a wide array of products and is ready to assist our clients with whatever hurdles arise.

The Beyond Restaurant Solutions Team

Our Beyond Restaurant Solutions team assists in support, training, and implementation of restaurant specific products, helping our many restaurant clients succeed. This team does a little bit of everything, working hard to keep everything running smoothly.

Boarding and Maintenance

Our Boarding and Maintenance Specialists focus on equipment builds and escalations surrounding the setup of accounts. They also handle tasks like setting up gift card and check acceptance, managing account specifics, and supervising the Client Support email account.

Premier Accounts

This team works with our larger clients, providing white glove service to ensure that their needs are met.


In tandem with our Business Advocates, our retention team provides an array of support to ensure that our merchants are happy and have what they need to succeed.

Service Center Training

This team works with all new hires that join Beyond, provide ongoing trainings for our Operational teams, and lead corporate training initiatives.Every team at Beyond plays a role in the success of every small business we serve. Amy Bober, Senior Director of Client Sales and Product Support, remarks on the caliber of the Client Support team:

“Our employees are true professionals, working together as one cohesive unit. I am extremely proud of all of our teams as they go above and Beyond to not only support our merchants but support one another every day.  That’s the key to our success and what sets us apart.”

If you’re tired of the lackluster customer service your payment processor provides, consider partnering with Beyond, where it’s our mission to watch your small business succeed.

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