Proficient in Payroll and People, Too—Vicki Guernsey

According to her team, Vicki Guernsey, Manager of Employee Management, is somehow everywhere all the time. Nominated for this month’s employee feature by VP of Employee Management Sherry Cronin and VP of Operations Anne Gordon, Vicki demonstrates the work ethic and team-first mentality employer’s dream of. The two experts had nothing short of raving reviews regarding Vicki’s impact at Beyond.

In recent months, Beyond launched one of its top priority products—Beyond Payroll— an easy-to-use human resources platform which Vicki has played a critical role in developing. The cloud-based solution handles everything throughout the employee life cycle, from onboarding to benefits administration to tax compliance.

Though Vicki began her career with Beyond on the Lending team, she was eager to take on a new challenge after being recruited into the position of Manager of Employee Management in the spring of 2018. Just as she mastered the nuances and minute details of the Beyond Lending offering, she was determined to navigate and develop Beyond Payroll as well.

In her new role, Vicki has been instrumental in working with the product experts to make Beyond Payroll a leading and successful product. She makes herself available to Business Advocates to field any questions, ensuring each member of her team is fully prepped on the features and technicalities of the product.  Whether at home caring for her family, on vacation, or simply taking a personal day, Vicki still prioritizes the needs of her team at all hours of the day. Her diligence, paralleled with her genuine desire to make the product—and the people promoting it—the best in the business, is an unmatched combination.

“She has the uncanny ability to manage and lead staff to excellent performance,” said VP Sherry Cronin. “Vicki’s commitment to the BA and Beyond Payroll will be a key factor to the success of the product going forward.”

Vicki’s dedication both in and outside the office, on or offline, is unstinting. Beyond is grateful to have Vicki behind Beyond Payroll and the team’s success every day.