Chief Sales Officer, Tim Toombs, Reflects on 17 Years in the Industry

A career as a sales professional is not an easy one. From early mornings pulling doors, to late nights managing leads, sales professionals hustle to get the job done. The same is true for Tim Toombs, Beyond’s Chief Sales Officer.  

Toombs entered the payment processing industry in 2004, and today, he celebrates his 17-year anniversary of selling, leading, and managing in payments. From an account executive with no prior industry experience to the Chief Sales Officer of one of the industry’s fastest growing financial technology companies, Toombs embodies what it takes to be a successful sales professional.

We sat down with Toombs to learn a bit more about his payment sales journey, and how he evolved with an industry that can change on a dime. As we look forward to 2022 with new goals and strategies, we’re looking back with Toombs to help sales professionals learn a thing or two.

Failures, Triumphs, and Everything in Between

Any sales job can be stressful, and in the fast-paced sales cycle of payment processing, it can be even more challenging. Toombs remembers being in the same position that many sales’ rookies are in today—wondering if his next sale would pay his bills and hitting the 30th of the month, not knowing if he’d hit his targets. Toombs reflects on his challenging start:

“The first year was tough. A lot of learning and a lot of no’s. My manager had told me there was a 98% turnover rate in this industry, and I was determined to make it into that 2%. I left my house every day with 40 business cards and handed them out—and it took me six months to finally get a no that turned into a yes.”

That first no turned yes sale, a countryside liquor store, set Toombs’ career into motion. With a referral from the liquor store, he started picking up speed after six months of barely scraping by. The moment he received that first callback, sitting in his 2001 single cab Chevy truck, was when he decided that payment processing was his niche.

Toombs’ experience growing in the payment technology industry and working his way up the corporate ladder is what has made him such a phenomenal sales leader. As CSO, Toombs oversees the management of the Beyond salesforce, with a special focus on training and development.

“I’ve lived and walked in the same shoes as all of our Business Advocates—keeping those real struggles close to the heart and understanding what it takes to be successful is what guides me as I lead the best Sales organization in the industry,” explains Toombs, on his leadership approach.

Toombs’ upward career trajectory is not an uncommon story at Beyond. His hard work and determination to succeed is just one example of sales professionals at Beyond who have risen through the ranks.

Navigating the Changing Payments Landscape

The digital world has pushed nearly every industry into unchartered waters—and payment processing is no exception. Having spent 17 years in the industry, Toombs has learned how to adapt to the ever-changing market and the needs of the businesses he’s served. From the introduction of new point-of-sale hardware to contactless payments, Toombs believes that there’s one thing that will never change: the need for face-to-face interaction with clients.  “Despite the many challenges of the past two years, our Business Advocates have found ways to go out, connect with merchants, and keep pulling doors—not too different from what I did in 2004,” he explains.

And while other large payment companies may be shifting away from in-person support, at Beyond, it’s the crux of our business. Our Business Advocates are located right in the communities of the clients we serve, guiding business owners through onboarding, training, and supporting them should things go awry. Toombs notes, “Going into businesses, making that connection, and truly finding ways we can help their business is something I believe sales professionals should never give up on.”

Building a Sales Team for the Future

As Chief Sales Officer, one of Toombs biggest tasks is growing our sales team and expanding our nationwide efforts. He’s building a sales force that, like him, will be able to pivot for whatever unfolds in the industry. As Beyond expands and innovates its technology, Toombs looks to our growing team of Business Advocates to bring best-in-class service to our clients.

“It’s a really exciting time to be a part of the Beyond family. We are working hard behind the scenes, continually developing our go-to-market technology, and incentivizing our Sales organization with signing bonuses, residuals, cash bonuses, portfolio equity, and a compensation plan that rewards long-term growth,” explains Toombs.

With leadership who has walked in the shoes of every sales professional, joining the Beyond team means you’ll not only get unparalleled leadership and support, but also uncapped earning potential, portfolio equity, and more.

We’re building a team of superior salespeople who champion the customer and have a passion for supporting America’s main street businesses. Explore a company with true flexibility and a commitment to changing the payments industry. Learn more and apply today.

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