Richard Brown Takes His Journey Beyond

Starting over is never easy—but for Beyond Team Lead, Richard Brown, he made it seem easy. As a seasoned salesperson in the payments technology industry, Brown joined Beyond in 2018 determined to rebuild a portfolio as robust as he had built at his previous employer.

Building something great from the ground up is tough—but building it twice? Even more challenging. Drawn to Beyond for its philanthropic mission, values, and the legacy of Beyond CEO Robert Carr, Brown made the jump and hasn’t looked back since.

Four years later, Brown achieved a top-honor at Beyond—receiving his third painting, Journey’s Reflection, by building a portfolio that generates at least $83,333 in monthly revenue. At Beyond, team members are awarded paintings for crossing monumental milestones. The three paintings, Out of the Woods, Inspiration Point, and Journey’s Reflection, showcase the challenges and triumphs each of us face on our path to success.

As he celebrates his four-year anniversary at Beyond, we sat down with Brown to learn more about his journey to receive this huge honor.

Heading Back into the Woods

Brown’s journey at Beyond has been one that was tough both mentally and physically. After hustling for 18 years at his previous company, he found himself jobless after the sale of the company.

While frustrated, Brown was determined to find a company within the payments industry that better aligned with his values. After speaking with CEO Bob Carr, Brown was compelled by Beyond’s mission to Give Back and decided he’d head back into the woods and give it a shot.

Not only did he head back into the woods, but he made it out quickly with determination to rebuild his portfolio. Brown explains:

“Coming Out of The Woods proved to me I could do it all again. It gave me the desire to move forward to reach the next two levels and receive my second and third paintings. I was highly motivated to play a part in growing the success of Beyond’s beneficiary, Give Back.”

Finding Motivation

As a veteran payment processing seller, Brown knew what he needed to do to achieve success. However, with Beyond’s diverse array of business solutions, he felt he had an even greater toolkit to leverage as he brought Beyond to business owners on the West Coast. And with the Beyond Promises in his back pocket, Brown had more confidence in Beyond’s commitment to honesty and transparency.

Brown showed local business owners the Beyond way and was able to grow his business through referrals. Knowing that his clients were protected from junk fees and arbitrary rate increases made it easier to build that network of trust.

Leading Others up the Mountain

Even though Brown has achieved success and received his Journey’s Reflection painting, he’s not stopping anytime soon. As a Team Lead, he’s leading others and showing them how they can climb the mountain to success as well. He encourages his team members to learn the true meaning of the paintings, and to set goals and hold themselves accountable to those goals.

When asked what advice he has for sales professionals hoping to achieve his level of success, he explained:

“It takes time to build a portfolio. This is not a get rich quick thing, but it’s also not rocket science. Show up, approach business owners with honesty, and eventually, you’ll see the fruits of your labor. This industry is all about not giving up—you have to show up day after day.”

For Brown, the name Journey’s Reflection really says it all. He reflects:

“This journey has definitely changed me, and I look forward to the journey ahead. And my journey doesn’t end here—maybe I’ll head back down the path and see how it feels to help others who need support on the road to success.”

Want to join him on the path to success? Consider a career with Beyond.  From expert support to uncapped earning potential, you’ll find all the tools you need to start your own journey.

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