We know you are facing several unforeseen business challenges. We are here to help you support your employees, customers, and community. Learn more >> We know you are facing several unforeseen business challenges. We are here to help you support your employees, customers, and community. Learn more >>
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Supporting the Sale: Jeff Bailey

Like any fast-growing sales organization, Beyond relies heavily on the individuals behind the scenes whose daily responsibilities are to assist the Sales team in the field. The Sales Support team is at-the-ready to answer any and all questions or issues a salesperson might have, be it troubleshooting product malfunctions on a client visit or acclimating team members to the features of a new solution.

One crucial member of Beyond’s team is Jeff Bailey, who joined the organization as a Support Consultant in June of 2017 shortly after Beyond’s launch. Determined to learn even the minute details of every product Beyond offers, Jeff has been instrumental in developing Beyond’s servicing team. He accepted a promotion to Support Lead in December 2017, and since then has been responsible for ensuring that both the Support and Sales teams have the tools they need to be successful.

“I saw leadership in Jeff early on,” said Director of Client Support, Amy Bober. “He has this ability to communicate knowledge in a way that anyone can understand.”

There have been countless instances in which Jeff has come back to the office after hours, or occasionally on his day off to resolve an issue. He never shies away from a challenge and performs beyond what is required of him, simply because he recognizes the value of the Support team.

For some Beyond merchants, St. Patrick’s Day is one of the most demanding days of the year. Despite the early morning wake up call, Jeff came to the rescue of a Business Advocate whose client had purchased four Beyond payment devices for the event.

“Early in the day, the merchant realized all cards were being declined,” Business Advocate Hal Saxby explained. “Jeff received an email, asked a few questions, then decided to drive to our facility to help solve the issue—no problem.”

Beyond’s CEO, Bob Carr, even had something to say regarding Jeff’s quick resolution.

“We are so impressed with Jeff’s tenacity in getting to the heart of the problem,” praised Carr. “This is a really big deal, and nobody will soon forget Jeff’s persistence and skills in this problem-solving.”

Jeff’s impact spreads wider than his around-the-clock service. Every day, Jeff makes his rounds to each member of his team to check in and say good morning, often sharing stories from his weekend road trips and the best pizza spots within a 500-mile radius.

“Jeff has a passion for helping the team, our clients, and the Sales team succeed,” Bober added. “He comes in every day with a smile on his face, always happy to help, pushing the limits and striving for greatness!”

Jeff’s dedication reflects Beyond’s commitment to creating an environment where every individual is supported and encouraged to excel in their role. Business Advocates receive reinforcement from the Support team, and the Support team thrives off the unique opportunity to solve real-time problems for growing businesses.