Triple Crown Sales Contest Spotlight: Richard Brown


The Beyond Triple Crown sales race, a comprehensive sales contest to encourage our sales team to find comprehensive solutions for our merchants, is in full swing!

The Beyond Triple Crown is an opportunity for all members of the sales team to increase their stock options in Beyond. The race is setup to encourage business advocates to step out of their comfort zones and increase their familiarity with our full suite of business solutions. The better we train our sales team to understand our products, the better they can help our merchants streamline their operations.

We sat down with Richard, a Division Sales Director, for a short Q&A about his first month as a Triple Crown top performer:


With the points system favoring newer products, which products have you increased your referrals of during the Triple Crown?

“There were three products I was focused on: Tend POS, Employee Management and also Lending.”


What have merchant concerns been regarding these products, and how did you overcome those concerns?

“My merchants biggest concerns are always price, contractual terms and what we have to offer compared to what they already have. I always reference the 10 Beyond Promises, our Give Back program and the full depth of other financial services that we offer such as Employee Management, Lending, and Tend POS.”


How does this type of sales contest compare to similar companies? How does it impact your view of Beyond?

“This sales contest is far more significant than my previous employer’s, as it challenged me to utilize all of our tools by referrals to help sell more of our products, not only making extra income from those sales, but also earning more ownership into Beyond. That is a huge benefit.


Don’t miss the next opportunity to race for ownership. Experience the benefits and endless opportunity by joining the Beyond team.