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At Beyond, supporting our communities—and the businesses that help them thrive—is in our DNA. The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted cities and businesses around the world in unprecedented ways. Our goal is to provide business owners with the tools they need to succeed, and we’re committed to that promise now more than ever.

We know that this is a uniquely challenging time for independent business owners like you, and we want you to know—we’re here to help. Our support center remains available and our Business Advocates are working hard to support your business in whatever ways they can. During these uncertain times, here are a few other ways we can help your business.

Online Ordering

Keep your business up and running, even if your doors are closed. Our online ordering platform allows you to take orders through your website and Facebook page, instead of paying a hefty commission to ordering marketplaces. We offer a low monthly fixed rate and you’ll be able to access analytics through a free tablet. If you’re trying to keep your staff working, consider using servers as delivery drivers for online orders.

Mobile Payments

With our mobile point-of-sale solution, you can accept payments anywhere, anytime. If your business has adapted to curbside pickup, delivery, or carryout options, our easy-to-use, secure, mobile POS solution will help you accept payments and keep people moving.

Business Capital

Business Capital can keep your business moving forward and help you manage cash flow. We know sometimes traditional bank loans are slow. We can help you get capital in as fast as 48 hours to keep your business going.

E-Gift Cards

Your customers want to help your business. Offer E-Gift Cards to loyal customers who are looking for ways to support you during these challenging times. Allow customers to buy gift cards directly from your website to use now or later and keep your cashflow up in the meantime.

HR OnDemand

Can I require an employee to stay home? How do I officially enact a telecommuting policy? If our business closes, do we pay employees? It’s likely you have a million HR-related questions running through your head right now. With HR OnDemand, you’ll get access to an HR specialist who can walk you through the confusing and everchanging HR rules.

Remote Nonprofit Donations

We know businesses aren’t the only ones who need support right now. If you’re one of the many nonprofit organizations that rely on donations, we can help you transition from in-person to online donations. We can help your nonprofit set up a dedicated online donation page, with a custom URL to share on social, via email, or your website. Our mobile and text-based donation options can keep your nonprofit running, and help you generate robust donor data.

Our goal is to provide your business meaningful value during these challenging times. If there is a way for us to help you—we want to. Get in touch and we’ll connect you with a Business Advocate right in your community. Together we can keep our communities thriving.

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