What Does True Career Flexibility Mean?

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When it comes to recruiting, a lot of buzz words get thrown around—work life balance, career flexibility, be your own boss—the list goes on. Don’t get us wrong, those words get thrown around for a good reason. We know that most serious go-getters like you are looking for a flexible work environment that truly lets you work towards both your career and financial goals.

Most companies will promise a lot if it means getting the right person in the door. The problem is—businesses that keep those promises are few and far between. As a salesperson, you’re likely no stranger to the bait and switch that often comes into play during sales recruiting. Your compensation structure, goals, and expectations start as one thing, and suddenly six months in, you’re faced with entirely different targets.

At Beyond, we know our sales professionals—or Business Advocates as we call them—are the backbone of our success. And we know the job isn’t easy. That’s why we make promises—and keep them—both to our clients and our employees, so we can prove just how committed we are. In an industry that’s notorious for changing the rules as they go, we’re committed to being a true partner to our clients and employees—putting honesty, integrity, and respect at the forefront of everything we do.

As a sales professional at Beyond, you can have confidence knowing what’s yours is yours. We won’t change your quotas or your compensation structure, and you’ll gain portfolio equity along the way. Experience true career flexibility, where you have autonomy over your schedule, your clients, and how you build your portfolio. You can also be sure that we will have your back—from our culture of integrity and service, to our exceptional support team, we give our sales professionals all the tools they need for success. We promise to stay true to our word, so you can take your career to the next level. Here’s what else we promise:

Protected Sales Compensation

Our compensation model is clear, consistent and has been proven since 1994. We pay weekly signing bonuses, monthly residuals and provide for the creation of portfolio equity. This compensation model will never be changed retroactively, meaning that what’s yours today is always yours. You will promptly receive your earnings and have the opportunity to build lasting wealth.

We know you work hard—that’s why we promise to never change your compensation model retroactively. The opportunity to build substantial wealth is a serious possibility when you work with us—but it’s not easy. Our sales team hustles to provide exceptional products to communities across the country, so we make sure that hard work is rewarded. With multiple compensation models, you can pick the path that works for you, giving you the flexibility to earn in different ways. You won’t be constrained by territories or product limitations, so your opportunity to build your portfolio is endless. Sell whatever your clients want, wherever they need it. Not only can you sell any product without restrictions, but you’ll be proud to sell our suite of business tools, too. 

Portfolio Equity

Own your portion of our client portfolio quickly, with one of the shortest vesting periods in the industry. As a vested team member, we will honor your contract and your right to residuals even if you leave Beyond. Should you choose to sell portions of your portfolio, there will be opportunities to sell it back to the company at 30 times the monthly value.

At Beyond, we take team work seriously. When you become a vested team member, you are part of the team for life. Even if you leave Beyond, we’ll honor your right to residuals as long as the account continues processing with Beyond. And with the opportunity to sell back your portfolio, you’ll have the flexibility to mold your career however you see fit. We want to see our Business Advocates succeed in their communities, and thanks to our client promises that give merchants some of the best contract terms in the industry, it’s easy to make a lasting impression with your network. Create a portfolio you’re proud of while still prioritizing the things in your life that matter the most.

Ownership Opportunities

Share in the wealth and excitement of employee ownership. Beyond offers opportunities to be a stockholder in the company we build together. 

It’s an exciting time to join Beyond. We’re growing rapidly, adding new products, and pushing the limits in the payment processing industry. If you’ve got entrepreneurial spirit, this is where you want to be. We offer opportunities to be a stockholder in the company, giving you additional ways to build wealth and take your career to new heights.

Ready for a career that will promise you true flexibility? At Beyond, you’ll be your own boss with freedom to sell however fits your life, building significant wealth. Take your career beyond—learn more and join the team today. 

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