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Connect Your Community

Chip-In is a marketing program that connects businesses with cause-driven customers. Nonprofits encourage their supporters to shop at Chip-In businesses, which then donate a portion of sales back to the nonprofit—all through an easy-to-use app.

Chip In Is Great

How Chip-In Works

  1. Supporters download the app and choose their favorite school group or nonprofit.
  2. Merchant offers are posted in the app, and supporters shop at those businesses.
  3. When a supporter shops at a Chip-In business, the selected nonprofit automatically receives a donation, and the supporter receives a text to see how much money was raised.
  4. Supporters and nonprofits encourage others to shop at participating businesses.


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Turn Donation Requests Into Transactions

Make an impact and increase profits when you register as a Chip-In business. Drive more customers and higher average ticket prices—all while donating to local charities.

Flexible Contribution

  • Drive new customer traffic and increase repeat customers

  • Customize and control offers to increase ticket size and frequency

  • Eliminate business interruptions from donation requests

  • No risk, no integrations, no headaches

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Fundraising Has Never Been So Painless

Simplify your fundraising efforts. Become a Chip-In organization, spread the word to your supporters, and start collecting a portion of participating business sales—deposited directly into your account.

Risk-Free Participation

  • Raise money year-round

  • Support local merchants who support you

  • No selling out of catalogs or going door-to-door

  • Easy for your supporters

Become a Chip-In Nonprofit

Chip-In for Nonprofits Like These

Nonprofit Solutions

Our Mission is to Support Yours

Beyond is a cause-driven company with a dedication to nonprofit merchant services. If you're looking to switch your payment processor, accept donations online, plan a fundraising event, or simplify payroll for your nonprofit organization, we can help.

  • Text4Good™ text-based donation technology

  • Reduced credit card processing rates for nonprofits

  • Convenient payment acceptance

  • Secure online donations

  • Customizable donation, event, and ticketing pages

  • Easy payroll and HR

Chip-In Nonprofit Solutions
Working together with [Beyond] has been a remarkable experience. Your team has re-defined "added value" to customer service. You and your team are always available, are quick to take action and find solutions to bring results. I recommend you and your staff at Beyond for not only the services that you provide but for your expertise in business operations and general solution oriented ideas.
Jim Sayih, Executive Director, Special Compass
The ease of setting up and using Beyond is by far the reason everyone should be processing with Beyond. We appreciate the sales team and support staff. I love that our clients demographics are captured for our marketing use but not their credit card information. My career has been in banking and I've seen all kinds of credit card processors and by far Beyond is the best!
Chanda E. McGuffin, Co-Founder & CFO, RISE
When our school started using [Chip-In], we found that we made family decisions about where to eat based on which business was participating. Now we're brand loyal to those that share back because we're school loyal!
Abbey L., Chip-In supporter and mom