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Bring Your Community Together

Chip-In is a program that connects businesses with cause-driven customers. Non-profits encourage their supporters to shop at Chip-In businesses, which then donate a portion of sales back to the non-profit. When you give back to the community, the community gives back to you.

How Chip-In Works

Chip-In Business

Businesses sign up for the program and designate a portion of sales to donate back to participating non-profits.

Non Profit Logo

Non-profits register to be included in the Chip-In database, then encourage their supporters to shop at Chip-In businesses.

Credit Card Loading Logo

Community members use the app to select a non-profit they wish to support when they shop with their registered payment card.


Fundraising can be easy when you join the Chip-In network for non-profits.

Increase Donations

Become a Chip-In organization, spread the word to your supporters, and start collecting a portion of participating business sales—deposited directly into your account.

Risk-Free Participation

  • Free text-based donation platform
  • Low, flat-rate payment processing
  • Raise money buying from local merchants
  • Automate fundraising



Reach motivated new customers and increase loyalty. ____________ ___

Connect with Customers

Make an impact and increase profits when you register as a Chip-In business. Drive more customers and higher average ticket prices—all while donating to local charities.

Flexible Contribution

  • No cost to participate
  • Set donation percentages or amounts
  • Minimum purchase requirement options
  • Customizable offer settings and times


Ready to Chip-In?

Support local businesses and charities at the same time. Download our easy-to-use app, select your favorite non-profit organization, then shop at participating businesses to raise money for your group.

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When our school started using [Chip-In], we found that we made family decisions about where to eat based on which business was participating. Now we’re brand loyal to those that share back because we’re school loyal!
Abbey L., Chip-In supporter and mom
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