Fee Reduction Programs

Reduce your card processing costs and increase your revenue with our fee reduction programs. Cash Discounting and Surcharging can help your business get ahead.

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What are the benefits?

Maintain your competitive edge by accepting all the payment methods your customers prefer while recovering acceptance costs and retaining your revenue.

Cost Recovery

Take control over your acceptance costs and keep more of your hard-earned money.


We have the resources you need to process legal and compliant transactions no matter which fee reduction program you choose.

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Start retaining more revenue in as little as 24 hours with our easy enrollment process.

What is surcharging?

Instead of your business footing the bill on credit card acceptance, the customer pays a surcharge.


Credit card surcharging only occurs with credit card payments, not debit cards, cash, digital payments, or gift cards. The fee is added at the point of sale, and items are priced without reflection of the surcharge.

What is cash discounting?

Cash discounting is when you offer a discount to customers that pay in cash or a cash equivalent, like a check, gift card, or gift certificate.


To do this you increase your standard price based on the cost of card acceptance, and customers paying with credit and with debit cards will pay the full price. Discount is applied at the point of sale.

Know the Compliance Rules


Surcharging is allowed in all states except Connecticut and Massachusetts and operates under strict card brand regulations. Cash discounting is legal in all 50 states, with some regulations.

Posted Pricing

Cash discount and surcharge disclosure signage must be posted in areas where customers will see, like entryways, checkout/registers, and menus.

Card Type Limitations

Applies only to credit card transactions and cannot be added to signature debit, PIN-debit, prepaid, or gift card transactions.

Choose the Best Option for Your Business

Our fee reduction programs offer compliant technology and the guidance you need to help protect your business from legal issues and fines.

Choosing between surcharging and cash discounting depends on your business’s needs.