Become a Channel Partner

Beyond is proud to support our valued reseller and referral partners. If you are looking to be compensated fairly while providing your customers and prospects with transparent pricing for a vast selection of business tools and services, we’ve got you covered. 

Financial Institutions

Show your clients you’re invested in their success by choosing a merchant services partner who will provide them the same quality solutions and client support you do.

POS Dealers

Don’t stop at the point-of-sale. Add value to your clients—and residuals to your pockets—by providing secure payment processing, easy online payroll, HR software, and more. 

Professional Services

Whether you’re looking to integrate payments into your accounting platform or refer your clients to a payroll provider they can trust, look no further. We’ve got your back.

Looking to integrate with our flexible APIs? Checkout our payment gateway tools for developers. 

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Refer Any Product,
Any Time

Focus on helping your clients grow their business. From cloud-based restaurant solutions for workforce and inventory management to fully integrated payroll tools or payment processing, you can sell any Beyond solution that is the right fit for your client.

Get Paid on Your Terms

Increase your revenue streams. When you advocate for your clients by selling or referring Beyond’s business solutions, we advocate for you. Our reseller and referral partner agreements ensure you get the compensation you deserve and the terms you need to be successful. 

Choose a Partner You Can Count On

We’re always here to help you build your portfolio and achieve true financial success. Spend less time chasing receivables, paying vendors, and troubleshooting client issues.

  • Exceptional product training
  • Quality installations
  • Collection services
  • US-based client service center
  • Sales collateral and resources
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Beyond Promises for Partners

We offer the same clear compensation model to our valued channel partners as we do to our own Sales Team. You will have the opportunity to vest your portfolio and build lasting wealth with the confidence that your contract will never change retroactively.

As a financially independent, employee-controlled company, Beyond operates with the privilege of doing business the right way. We are fundamentally committed to transparency and the highest level of ethics in our business practices. We publish and uphold the “Beyond Promises” as a core component of our mission and values, knowing they create legally binding rights that the vast majority of our competitors would never give their customers, employees or partners.

Our compensation model is clear and consistent and has been proven since 1994. We pay residuals monthly and signing bonuses weekly and provide for the creation of portfolio equity. This compensation model will never be changed retroactively, meaning that what’s yours today is always yours. You will promptly receive your earnings and have the opportunity to build lasting wealth.

We use real numbers based on actual costs to calculate the revenue share on the Beyond solutions you sell or refer. We provide you with accurate reporting and if we make a mistake, we will fix it. You will have access to the same cost and price structure as our direct sales team and you will be paid for the additional revenues you bring to Beyond.

Own your portion of our client portfolio quickly, with one of the shortest vesting periods in the industry. As a vested partner, we will honor your contract and your right to residuals even if your agreement expires. You will have opportunities to sell portions of your healthy vested portfolio to Beyond at 30 times the monthly value of the residuals purchased at the time of the transaction.

Beyond is constantly expanding our product lineup to meet the changing needs of today’s businesses. As a partner, you will have opportunities to build on your client relationships and increase your revenues with a variety of new solutions on a regular basis.

As a Beyond partner, you will serve as a true advocate for your clients with the right to sell or refer the best product or service for your customer—even if it’s not a Beyond solution. Our platform and solutions are open. You will not be restricted to a product, territory or quota. We will not force you to sell or promote products in which you don’t believe in, or sever the relationships you already have.

Dedicated to your growth, we will encourage excellence by providing quality training, implementation assistance, consistent communication, and technical resources to drive your business success and ensure quality installations for your clients.

Our professional, US-based service center provides effective underwriting, efficient onboarding, and excellent live customer service for you and your clients. Expect the best service in the industry.

You’ve worked hard to build your business and your relationships with other product and service providers. We will not inhibit your ability to sell your business, change your vendors or recommend competitive products.

Provide your clients with solutions that will make an impact while you simultaneously give back. Simply by partnering with Beyond, you can help make a difference for students who have faced adversity, thanks to our founding partner and beneficiary “Give Something Back” (Give Back).

Beyond is committed to these Beyond Promises for Partners and will continue to support our reseller and referral partners with these principles in mind. They will be upheld as written and may be updated to address changes in our industry or practices—but never retroactively.

Take Care of Your Clients.

Provide your clients with solutions to help their business succeed—and contract terms you’re proud to stand behind. Should you sell or refer our solutions, your clients will receive fair pricing, flexible contract terms, and transparent statements without hidden fees.

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