Efficient Inventory Management​

Cut down on waste, theft, spoilage, and overproduction with our fully integrated restaurant inventory management software.


Add Bigger Profits to Your Menu.

For most restaurants, inventory costs are the biggest expense. Track inventory and create a profitable food management plan with our food and beverage control tools. 

Save Your Staff Time

Speed up your inventory counts to reduce errors and make your team more efficient.

Cut Down on Food Waste

Stop wasting money on overproduction. It's time to take control of food costs.

Build Smarter Menus

Execute more profitable food management with recipe and menu-building software.​

Recipe and Menu Building

Engineer Your Menu.

Build menu components for commonly used groups of ingredients to maximize your profits. Your inventory will be more accurate and our integration with the global USDA ingredient database automatically computes nutritional information.

Purchasing and Stock Control

Streamline Your Supply Chain Management.

  • Accurately calculate your purchase needs
  • Integrate all your vendors
  • Automatically generate purchase orders
  • Easily receive and track invoices
supply chain management
analytics reporting
Reporting and Analytics

Make Data-Driven Decisions.

Pull actionable insight out of your inventory data using robust, yet intuitive reporting and analytics. Create and tailor prebuilt reports or custom dashboards to your business goals with conditional formatting, custom metrics, clear graphs, and alerts.

Ready to Improve your Restaurant Inventory Management?

Intuitive Mobile App

Manage Your Restaurant On the Go.

  • Do inventory counts from anywhere
  • Mitigate errors and miscommunications
  • Check in with your team in real time
  • Collaborate using the chat tool
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Food Safety

Stop relying on paper log books and notepad reminders for important restaurant task management. Keep track of critical checklists, monitor daily staff notes, and monitor temperature checks in real time. 

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