POS Crafted For Your Business

Tend is flexible, easy-to-use, ruggedized, and secure—without the complexity and cost.

Manage Business Your Way

Tend is highly scalable and future-proof, allowing you to tailor it to your business. With intuitive features such as customizable dashboards, reports, exception alerts, and mobile apps, Tend is positioned for the long haul.

Choosing the right point-of-sale technology for your business is an important decision, but it doesn’t have to be a difficult one. You shouldn’t have to break the bank and change the way you do things just because your POS says so.

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With pricing and populating lists, Tend is so much easier. If I wanted to do an across-the-board markup, I can apply it and roll. That's crucial to me because I have thousands of items in my database. I am way happier with Tend.
Chris, Wild Hare Beer Co. in Spring Hill, Tennessee
During an internet outage, the Tend system switched instantaneously to cellular data for credit cards. With previous systems, we had to force it off line and take the chance of having declined cards.
Diane, The Century Bar & Bourbon House in Dayton, Ohio
One of the Tend pluses is that we don’t have to wait for support to reconfigure our screens. Any way we want, it adapts to how we operate.
Dave, Owner of three Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory franchise locations

Point of Sale That Adapts to Your Business

Not the other way around.

Tend was built by operators for operators. That's why it just makes sense from the moment it's installed. Behind the clean and simple user interface, you'll find all the POS features and functions you've gotten used to—and some that you haven't thought of yet (but will love). What you won't find is kludgy menus, complicated processes or mysterious bugs that waste your valuable time.

Great software deserves to be run on great hardware. We'll go out of our way to build your system to last. You'll see the difference immediately, and you'll see it years from now when your system still performs like new.

Our Commitment

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