The Get Beyond Promises

The promises we make to our clients and team members are the pillars of our business and the foundation of our values. 

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We Promise Unprecedented Contract Terms.

We publicly declare our commitment to honor these principles as a contract. Designed to empower our clients to take their businesses to the highest level, we stand behind these ten promises. 

Get Beyond is fundamentally committed to transparency and the highest level of ethics in our business practices. We publish and uphold these promises as a core component of our mission and values, knowing they create legally binding rights that the majority of our competitors would never give their customers.

If we don’t provide value, we don’t charge additional fees. While we pass on third party fees and cost increases, Get Beyond won’t arbitrarily raise our prices so long as your business is consistent with our contract. 

You have the freedom to choose the contract length most suitable to your business.

We offer a no-penalty termination contract option.

Your billing statements will clearly reflect all charges and fees.

The Get Beyond team will tailor our versatile product offerings to your specific needs. If necessary and possible, we will use our best efforts to integrate with your current hardware, legacy systems, vendors, and competitors.

Every effort will be made to optimize secure practices to protect your business.

We employ sales representatives throughout the United States who sell our products to their local businesses. The success of your business is important to Get Beyond’s sales representatives.

Get Beyond provides highly effective underwriting, efficient onboarding, and personalized customer service.

We have a philanthropic mission to support the post-secondary education of America’s most disadvantaged children through our controlling stockholder, Give Something Back. Simply by being our client, you help make a difference for students who have faced economic hardship or other adversities such as foster care, homelessness, or the incarceration of a parent.

Get Beyond is committed to these promises and will support our clients with these principles in mind. They will be upheld as written and may be updated to address changes in our industry or practices. We will continue to work to earn our clients’ business every day.

We are proud to provide our clients the quality service and flexible contract terms outlined in the Get Beyond Promises—whichever product or solution they choose. 

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