Beyond Promises

We believe successful relationships can only be sustained with honesty, integrity and complete transparency. We make our commitment to you up front, in plain English and with full disclosure; not buried in fine print.

The privilege of calling you our customer must be earned one transaction at a time. Let’s begin our partnership honorably and with a clear understanding of what you can expect from us.

  1. We will disclose all fees for each card transaction and who is charging them.
  2. Card brand fee increases will be communicated clearly and passed through without markup. Decreases will be honored in their entirety and without exception.
  3. We put you in control. As such, you may terminate your contract without penalty.
  4. We believe you should choose the contract term length that best suits you and your business (monthly, annual, or multi-year).
  5. We will never levy arbitrary fee increases provided that the terms of the contract have been fulfilled.
  6. If there is no additional service, there will be no additional fees.
  7. We do not surcharge or impose bill-backs.
  8. We fully stand behind our products and services and provide 24/7 service center access.
  9. We do not lease equipment but we do provide reasonable equipment costs.
  10. We operate with full transparency and questions about your billing statements are always welcome.

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