Pay Less with B2B Payments

Get Beyond business to business solutions lower your credit card processing costs and streamline your B2B payment processes.

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Take Your B2B Payments to the Next Level.

Get Beyond B2B and B2G payment processing solutions are optimized for Level-2 and Level-3 interchange savings so you can save big on all business and purchase card transactions.

Reduced Security Risks

Secure payment technology with PCI-DSS-certified payment processing, EMV capabilities, encryption, and tokenization.

Lower Processing Costs

Save on interchange when you accept corporate and purchase cards with pre-populated Level 3 data.

Effortless Customer Billing

Simplify bill presentment, e-invoicing, and recurring billing while storing data in a secure storage vault.

Interchange Savings

If you’re accepting business cards, corporate cards, fleet cards, or corporate purchase cards, and are only passing Level 1 or consumer-type data, it’s time to improve your interchange qualification. 


Level II Payment Processing

Visa and MasterCard provide discounted processing rates for business cards when customer code and sales tax are provided. The card companies incentivize merchants to include additional detail, and Get Beyond B2B solutions make it easy—so you save on interchange.


Level III Interchange Savings

Get Beyond B2B solutions also provide Level 3 line-item detail—including part number, item description, quantity of measure, unit price and extended price—to achieve better interchange rates and help your customers streamline accounting, audit control, and procurement.


B2B Payments Features

Secure Payments

  • Faster funds with two-day business settlements
  • Rapid deployment and easy implementation
  • EMV, encryption, and tokenization
  • Cloud-based PCI-certified solutions
  • Easy custom reporting

Easier Billing

  • Securely keep customer credit card information on file
  • Simple, custom invoice generation
  • Easy electronic invoicing
  • Automatic recurring payments
  • Emailed customer receipts

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Data ElementLevel 1Level 2Level 3Large Ticket
Cardholder Name
Card Number
Expiration Date
Street Address
Zip/Postal Code
Total Included NA EXEMPT N/A ExemptExempt OKExempt OK
Tax Amount .! Optional
Customer Code .! Optional
Item Product Code .! .!
Item Description .! .!
Item Quantity .! .!
Item Unit of Measure .! .!
Item Extended Amount .! .!
Item Net/Gross Indicator .! .!
Item Tax Amount .! .!
Item Tax Rate .! .!
Item Discount Indicator .! .!
Item Commodity Code .! .!
Ship from Postal Code .! .!
Freight Amount .! .!
Duty Amount .! .!
B2B Payment Solutions

Automatically Qualify for Lower Interchange.

Save at least $10.50 per $1000 processed when you accept MasterCard and Visa corporate and purchase cards with pre-populated Level-3 data. Large ticket rates are even lower, starting at $8,750 for Visa transactions and $10,000 for MasterCard transactions.

B2G Payment Processing

Business to Government Transactions.

Does your business sell to federal, state, or local government organizations like utility companies or universities? They all buy using purchase cards, as is mandatory for federal purchases under $10,000. Get Beyond B2G solutions optimize interchange fees with Level-3 or large ticket savings on Federal Government GSA-SmartPay cards, as well as state, and local purchasing cards. 

Easy B2B Payment Integrations

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