We know you are facing several unforeseen business challenges. We are here to help you support your employees, customers, and community. Learn more >> We know you are facing several unforeseen business challenges. We are here to help you support your employees, customers, and community. Learn more >>
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Business to Business Solutions

Take Your B2B Payments to the Next Level

Lower your credit card processing costs, without the manual data entry. Our B2B and B2G payment processing solutions are optimized for Level-2 and Level-3 interchange savings so you can pay less on all business and purchase card transactions.

B2B Solutions for Owners

Interchange Savings

If you’re accepting business cards, corporate cards, travel cards, fleet cards, or corporate purchase cards, and only passing Level-1 or consumer type data, it’s time to improve your interchange qualification. Level-2 and Level-3 credit card processing is fully supported by our business to business and business to government solutions—so you can secure reduced processing rates every time.

Level-2 Payment Processing

Level-2 data is transaction level data including customer reference number, invoice number, order number, sales tax, freight, and duty. Visa and MasterCard provide incentive (discounted) processing rates for business cards when transaction level data for customer code and sales tax are provided.

Level-3 Interchange Savings

Level-3 line-item detail was designed by Visa and MasterCard to support the demanding requirements of B2B credit card use. The card companies incentivize merchants to electronically provide additional data—including part number, item description, quantity of measure, unit price and extended price—to streamline accounting, audit control, and procurement.

Beyond Payments

B2B Payment Solutions for Sellers

Take advantage of Level-2 and Level-3 processing to lower your interchange rates with Beyond’s B2B payment tools.


Secure payment processing

Reduce security risks with PCI-DSS certified payment processing, EMV capabilities, encryption, and tokenization technology.


Rapid deployment

Start saving immediately with easy implementation and web delivered solutions.


Lower processing costs

Save at least $10.50 per $1000 processed when you accept MasterCard and Visa corporate and purchase cards with pre-populated Level-3 data. The higher the ticket item, the more you save.


Effortless customer billing

Simplify bill presentment, e-invoices, and recurring billing—all while storing customer data in a secure PCI certified storage vault.


Robust payment options

We’ve got you covered on any payment method you’re looking for— including Virtual Terminal or integrated solutions to support MOTO, ecommerce, and face-to-face transactions.


Custom reporting

Take control of your data with our easy-to-use reports and intuitive interfaces.


Increased cash flow

Expect faster funds with two-day business settlements.


Flexible contract terms

Beyond provides transparent statements without hidden fees, your choice of contract length, and no-penalty termination rights.

B2B Solutions for Owners

B2G Payment Processing

Does your business sell to federal, state, or local government organizations like utility companies or universities? Optimize interchange costs with similar or better savings on Federal Government GSA-SmartPay cards, as well as state and local purchasing cards. Tailor our business to government payment processing solutions to your business goals.

B2B Payment Processing Integrations:

Easier Back Office Management

Beyond’s suite of B2B products and services spans more than payments. Achieve higher efficiency when you integrate card processing with your other back office systems.

Beyond Payroll

B2B Payroll and HR

Smooth payroll administration is critical for every B2B business. Save your staff time and keep your team happy with our intuitive, cost-effective employee management platform. You will always be in the know, and your people can use the self-service employee portal to directly access pay stubs, W2s, tax filing status, and more.


Build your team the right way. Utilize our applicant tracking, background checks, and onboarding tools.


Pay your employees on time, every time. Our cloud-based payroll processing platform makes it easy to automate your payroll and tax payments each pay period.

Benefits Administration

Retain your talent by offering the right PTO policy, retirement plan, and Workers’ Compensation insurance options.

Workforce Management

Organize schedules, time off, shifts, labor allocations, and even Affordable Care Act requirements with an integrated workforce management system.

Human Resources On Demand

Stay up-to-date on compliance rules and regulations with our policy documents, employee handbooks, and personalized HR support.

Tax Compliance

Avoid fines and minimize IRS issues by automating tax statements, exemption management, and electronic tax filing.

Beyond Lending

Business Financing

Whether you’re looking to open a new office location or could simply use extra cash flow, Beyond Lending offers fast funding with rates as low as 3.5%.

  • Loans from $2,500 to $2,000,000

  • Flexible financing terms

  • One-on-one loan specialists

Business Financing
B2B Solutions for Owners
John (Beyond Business Advocate) did a great job and took the extra time and effort to make sure we were happy. He made the entire transition smooth and seamless and I cannot be happier that we switched to Beyond.
Dr. Hakan Koymen, Chesapeake Pediatric Dental Group, Maryland