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The Importance of Basic Costing for Restaurants

As a restaurant operator, your key to success is making a profit. But before you can make a profit, you must understand what your basic costs are—and how you can cut down on them. Basic costing for restaurants is the first step to consistent profit gain.

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“As a restaurant owner, we are often asked and willing to participate in “Dine to Donate” events to help schools and nonprofits raise money. Instead of a one-day event, [Chip-In] allows us to help all year long.”

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As a business owner, December is a key time to assess your business solutions to consider how they can be optimized in the new year. Now is an ideal time to analyze your payroll solutions and consider making the switch to a new provider.

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Free POS and Terminal Solutions Aren’t Always Free

In the past few years, a multitude of free POS models and peripherals have appeared. These free models have their drawbacks, but merchants are still seizing the opportunity to get their hands on free software or hardware bundles. However, as a merchant, how can you know that “free” is the best route? The first step […]

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It’s here! Small Business Saturday 2019 is this Saturday, November 30. Whether you’re a rookie or a veteran small business owner, Small Business Saturday is a perfect time to get your business’s story out into your community. One of the biggest shopping days of the year, Small Business Saturday encourages consumers to take a pause […]

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The end of the year is a busy time for almost everyone. But for small business owners, the year’s end can be one of the biggest headaches—thanks to payroll taxes. While everyone is familiar with business income taxes, payroll or employment taxes can sometimes catch business owners by surprise and cause a hefty financial burden […]

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