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Beyond HR

Your Full-Time HR Specialist

One solution for every HR task, without the cost. From checking clock-in status to updating employee handbooks, and administering benefits—we have the HR tools you need.


Manage Your Staff

Simplify complex HR processes with intuitive, online human resources software. Our HR platform will be your go-to solution every time you have an employee-related question or HR task to check off your to-do list.

Track Time and Attendance

Check in on your team from anywhere, at any time. From alerts for missed punches or employees approaching overtime, to staff birthday reminders, our advanced time and labor management tools will keep you in-the-know.

  • Intuitive dashboards with exception reporting

  • PBJ, ACA, and FMLA compliant

  • Integrated time clock: web, mobile, physical, geo-location clock-ins

Time and Attendance
IRS Savings

$1 invested in HR saves $10 in long-term investigation and litigation costs.

HR Compliance Tools

HR rules and regulations are changing faster than ever, making it difficult for small and medium sized business owners to stay up to speed. Get all the human resources information and tools you need, right at your fingertips.

Employee Handbook Builder

Are your employee resources out-of-date? Answer just 26 questions about your business, and our express document builder will generate the new, compliant employee handbook you need.

Policy Document Library

From lists of accurate employment classifications to termination checklists, ensure you have all standard labor law and policy documents on-hand. Or customize your own.

Labor Law Compliance

Stay compliant with our database of the most important federal, state, and local laws for employers—filtered specifically for your business and location.

HR Administration Tools

Whether you’re looking to create a mission statement or distribute a dress code policy, we have the checklists, customizable posters, step-by-step guides, and blog posts to help.

Live HR Support

Our HR experts are standing by. Live chat or call your HR concierge, whenever you need help. With an average of over 16 years of experience, if you have an HR question, our On-Demand HR pros have the answer.

Beyond HR Features:

  • Minimum wage map
  • Performance reviews
  • License and certification tracking
  • Customizable HR forms, letters, documents
  • Employee handbook generator
  • Law changes and policy update notifications
  • Termination checklists
  • Cost per hire calculators
  • Live harassment prevention trainings
  • Robust data and reporting
  • Email or SMS notifications
  • Live Chat support

There’s an easier way to take care of HR tasks.

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Retain Your Employees

Take care of your team with services that matter to them—while benefiting your business. Offer benefits and retirement services that attract top talent, keep your employees happy, and provide tax savings for your business.

Employee Benefits

Increase employee retention when your comprehensive benefit and healthcare options are managed on one Human Capital Management (HCM) platform.

  • Benefit enrollment and administration

  • Employee election management

  • PTO accrual management

Employee Benefits
401(k) Retirement Savings

401(k) Retirement Savings

Employees are 15 times more likely to save if they have access to a payroll-deducted savings plan at work. Regardless of whether you’re starting your company’s first 401(k) plan or if you’ve been operating as a plan sponsor for years, we have flexible options designed to fit your needs. Enhance retirement outcomes for your team and yourself.

  • Retirement plan fully integrated with Beyond Payroll

  • Professionally managed funds and investments

  • Reduced fiduciary risk and responsibility

  • Participant alerts and monitoring

Workers' Compensation Insurance

Are you prepared to pay for an employee’s medical expenses, lost wages, and rehabilitation services should he or she get injured at work? Protect your business and your employees with proactive workers’ compensation insurance. Our Pay As You Go program will help lower upfront charges, avoid unexpected premiums, and reduce audit risk. With no down payment and no installation fees, our workers’ comp is easy and accessible.

Workers Comp

Self-Service Employee Portal

Help your employees help themselves. Your staff can log into our intuitive employee tool to check their status on everything payroll and HR. They can also update their own information with self-enrollment, saving everyone time.

Simple Pricing

Beyond offers flexible contract terms and no-penalty termination rights. Our PEPM (Per Employee Per Month) standard pricing structure means you never overpay for your HR needs.

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Workforce Management

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Simple Employee Scheduling