Virtual Terminal

Accept Payments on Your Computer

No matter where you are, accept payments by turning your computer into your credit card terminal. 

No Terminal, No Problem

Login from any smartphone, tablet, or computer to key in and securely accept a credit or debit card.

Get Beyond Promise Guarantee

From cash discounting to EMV solutions, we go the extra step to make sure your business is protected and thriving.

Manage Your Business on Your Terms

Go from brick and mortar to brick and click in a single payments package—without buying a special device or downloading complicated software.

Optimized Payments Without the Hassle

Processing B2B or B2G? We’ll help you get the best processing rates through Level III defaulting, while you sit back and relax.

What’s a Virtual Terminal?

Sounds complicated right? Actually, it’s pretty simple. A virtual terminal turns your computer, phone, or tablet into a credit card terminal. It’s an easy, safe way to take credit cards over the phone and bill remotely.

Run Your Business From Anywhere

Easy for you, easy for your customers. 

  • Accept credit and debit cards directly on your device
  • Request payments by email and allow customers to pay by credit or debit card online
  • Send receipts via email
  • Securely store regular customers’ card information
  • Leading encryption and tokenization technology protects cardholder data
  • Chip card technology reduces the risk of chargebacks

Simplify Business Operations

Easily integrate with the rest of your business for streamlined management.

  • Export Virtual Terminal transactions to accounting software
  • Download and analyze reports
  • Next day funding
  • Create and manage customer profiles
  • When technical difficulties arise, have a back-up method to process cards easily from your phone

Easily Add In-Person Payments

Simply connect our card reader to your device and instantly accept payments in-person. 

  • Swipe and dip credit or debit cards 
  • Record sales paid for with cash or other payment methods
  • No pairing or complicated setup needed
recurring billing

Automate Recurring Billing

Have repeat customers? Charge your clients on a regular billing schedule with the recurring billing feature.

  • Accept recurring payments for subscriptions, donations, and more
  • Schedule payments to charge a stored credit card automatically
  • Choose your recurring payment interval

Top Security Gives You Peace of Mind

Data Security

Stay PCI compliant by keeping your customers’ card data secure and protected.

Advanced Payment Security

Require customer information and set pay limits to ensure safe transactions.

Fraud Prevention

Upgrade to chip and signature EMV technology to ensure that you are not liable for fraud conducted using counterfeit cards.

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