We know you are facing several unforeseen business challenges. We are here to help you support your employees, customers, and community. Learn more >> We know you are facing several unforeseen business challenges. We are here to help you support your employees, customers, and community. Learn more >>
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Beyond Payroll

Pay Your Team—Fast

Everything you need for efficient payroll processing. Run payroll anytime, anywhere—in less than a minute on our cloud-based payroll platform.

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Small Business Payroll Processing

Pay day doesn’t have to bring added stress. Save time and money with our streamlined payroll solution, while ensuring your taxes are compliant.

Beyond Payroll

Run Payroll Anytime, Anywhere

Run payroll at any frequency, from any device. The Beyond Payroll platform is simple to navigate and provides complete flexibility in your payroll processing.

3-Step Payroll

With our easy-to-use online tool, it only takes three simple steps to process payroll.

True Flexibility

Easily adjust rates, create and process manual checks, and run off-cycle or unscheduled payroll, without it costing you more.

Intuitive Dashboard

Quickly pull totals broken down by earning, tax, and dedication; for the current payroll month, quarter, and year to date.

Automated Reporting

Over 100 reports to choose from that can be automatically processed when you run payroll.

IRS Payroll Errors

How will new laws affect my payroll and payroll taxes? Are there tax credits available to my business? If so, how are they processed? Your 941 is about to become more complicated and could change. We can help keep you tax compliant and file accordingly should you become eligible for a tax credit or even a refund. The Families First Coronavirus Response Act (“FFCRA”) provides refundable payroll tax credits for employers in order to assist with the cost of providing Coronavirus-related leave to their employees. These refundable payroll tax credits are designed to reimburse small and midsize employers for the cost of providing COVID-19-related leave to their employees. This tax credit goes into effect on April 1, 2020 and will remain in effect until December 31, 2020 unless extended or modified.

Automatic Tax Compliance

Avoid IRS penalties and fines. Between employee classifications, reporting details, and filing deadlines, small business payroll taxes can get complicated—our payroll tools will keep you on track. Tax filings and payments are handled automatically when you run payroll.

  • Automated tax statements and W-2s

  • Full federal and state tax electronic filing

  • Garnishment payment services

  • Accounting integrations

Payroll Tax Compliance

Employee Portal

Employee Portal

Cut the time you spend on administrative tasks by giving your staff access to our employee portal, where they can quickly gather pay and tax details or update personal information.

  • Paystubs, W-2s, filing status

  • Update existing information

  • Track time clock activity, time off, sick days, and upcoming pay statuses

ACA Compliance Monitoring

Eliminate confusion around the Affordable Care Act. Stay compliant with ACA Monitor, a real-time dashboard that helps you keep track of your healthcare premiums and meet ACA affordability.

  • Updated Large Employer status

  • Employee classification

  • Employee coverage

  • Calculated employee affordability

ACA Compliance Monitoring

Workers Comp

Workers' Compensation Insurance

Are you prepared to pay for an employee’s medical expenses, lost wages, and rehabilitation services should he or she get injured at work? Protect your business and your employees with proactive workers’ compensation insurance. Our Pay As You Go program will help lower upfront charges, avoid unexpected premiums, and reduce audit risk. With no down payment and no installation fees, our workers’ comp is easy and accessible.

Do you qualify for a refund? If you’re currently paying for workers’ compensation insurance in a lump sum or installment plan based on your estimated annual payroll, consider switching to our Pay As You Go plan. This will allow you to:

  • Receive a lump sum refund of your premium for the unused portion of what you paid up front.

  • Spread your payments out over the full term of your policy, easing your cash flow.

  • Pay only the premiums required based on real-time payroll levels, which are likely reduced currently.

  • Reduce the likelihood of a lump sum payment at annual policy audit time as a result of the real-time accuracy of your payments.

Learn more about our Paycheck Protection Tools

Instant Card

Pay Daily Tips and Commissions Electronically

Cash disbursement just got easier. Give your employees instant access to their earned pay after each shift. The Beyond Instant program allows employers to electronically pay hourly wage workers using an intuitive app and prepaid Visa debit card—for use at millions of locations around the world, over 33,000 no-fee ATMs, and with free bank account transfers.

  • Simple expense reimbursement

  • Secure tip payout

  • Happier employees and lower turnover

  • Fast, easy setup

Instant Card

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