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Brand Guidelines

Welcome to the Beyond brand standards guide. Designed to communicate who we are both visually and verbally, reference and follow these guidelines to maintain, strengthen and steward the integrity of the Beyond brand.


Primary Color Palette

The primary palette consists of Beyond Orange and Beyond Black. The orange color deliberately evokes both a fiery intensity and offers a warm, approachable aesthetic. It is combined with the black for a bold, professional outlook.

Beyond Orange

CMYK: 0, 53, 96, 0
RBG: 255, 143, 28
Pantone 1495 C

Beyond Black

CMYK: 0, 0, 0, 100
RBG: 0, 0, 0
HEX: #000000
Pantone Black C

Secondary Color Palette

The secondary color palette is soft, complementary, and should be used to enhance the primary color palette.

Dark Blue

CMYK: 54, 23, 0, 65
RGB: 50, 80, 107
HEX: #32506B

Light Blue

CMYK: 16, 0, 0, 5
RGB: 199, 226, 239

Bright Seafoam Green

CMYK: 27, 0, 24, 0
RGB: 177, 254, 217

Seafoam Green

CMYK: 30, 0, 15, 0
RGB: 176, 223, 219

Dark Gray

CMYK: 0, 0, 0, 81
RGB: 86, 87, 89
HEX: #565759

Light Gray

CMYK: 0, 0, 0, 8
RGB: 235, 235, 236



Just as we streamline business operations for our clients, brand interactions should reflect simplicity with clean lines, flat shapes, and an overall sleek, modern feel. Illustrations are deliberately eye-catching, utilize depth, perspective and directional animation. Avoid gradients, outlines, sketches, brush strokes and cartoonish characters. Faces of people in the illustration should generally not be straight-on or clearly visible. Graphics are typically from the overhead "above and beyond" perspective to reflect our holistic view and comprehensive business services.

Brand Item Brand Item


Primary Typeface

Helvetica Neue should be used for all Beyond materials.

Brand Item
Brand Item

Secondary Typeface

If Helvetica Neue is unavailable, Arial can be used as a substitute.

Brand Item
Brand Item


Legal Name

Above and Beyond Business Tools and Services for Entrepreneurs, Inc.

Doing Business As (DBA) Name: Beyond

General Communication should reference “Beyond.” This includes internal and external communication including spoken, email, social media, sales collateral, and written materials.

Company Description

Beyond is a financial technology and transactions company that strives to simplify operations and reduce costs for small and mid-size business owners in a clear, transparent manner they can trust. Offering a suite of tools and services ranging from payment processing, to payroll and point-of-sale, Beyond provides transparent pricing, flexible contract terms and quality customer support.

Brand Voice

As approachable as it is professional, the Beyond voice is conversational, ardent and concise. Just as our products exist to cut through the clutter, so should our language. Avoid ambiguity, colloquial and exclamatory language. When speaking to our products, language should focus on the benefit offered rather than dwelling on the issue or problem, and should show our expertise, but never be assumptive.

Brand Tone

Approachable not Basic
Concise not Dull
Playful not Unpolished
Upbeat not Zealous
Purposeful not Preachy
Familiar not Unprofessional

Brand Naming Violations

Brand Item Brand Item

Give Back

A Company with a Cause

Give Something Back (Give Back) is a founding partner and beneficiary of Beyond. Providing college scholarships and mentoring to students who have faced economic hardship or other challenges such as foster care or the incarceration of a parent—Give Back is an integral component of the Beyond brand identity. From aiding in educational success to creating jobs, Give Back is an example of Beyond’s commitment to building a better future—for both businesses and students.

Doing Business As (DBA) Name: Give Back

General Communication should reference “Give Back,” and should never be written as one word or include “foundation.” This includes internal and external communication including spoken, email, social media, sales collateral, and written materials.

Give Back Logo

Just as the arrow in the Beyond logo represents driving business forward, the reverse complementary arrow in the Give Back logo illustrates our commitment to giving back.

Brand Item
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