6 Resolutions for Small Businesses in the New Year

Now that we have closed the chapter on 2017 – take advantage of the new year to explore new ways to enhance the everyday of your business! Take a look at these small ways in which you can create impact in the community in 2018 through small changes in how you do business.

Strengthen your businesses presence on social media.

We live in a digital age where people have access to information at their fingertips. Even in small, local communities – upping your businesses social media presence can result in a stronger, more loyal customer base. Take advantage of the right social platforms to target your audience, offer discount incentives and provide updates to your customers!

Learn something new and apply it to your daily routine.

Now that we have closed the chapter on 2017 – take advantage of the new year to learn something new within your industry. Challenge yourself to learn a new skill, register for an online class or subscribe to a new publication. Remember that we live in a world that is constantly changing and therefore, no business can get too comfortable with their way of doing things.

Update your businesses technology and applications to provide the most efficient customer experience.

Whether it’s a new POS system or upgrading to accept EMV cards and mobile pay options, keeping your technological devices up-to-date ensures happy customers and quality service.

Reevaluate what is not working for you and make steps towards shifting your goals.

Do you find you’re relying on peak business hours to gain your primary revenue? Reflect on the weaker periods during 2017 and work to revamp how you do business. Maybe it means targeting a new audience to accommodate to a larger customer base! Or, if you have goals of expanding your business – consider a lending option to simplify business processes and eliminate customer dissatisfaction.

Update your digital presence or hire someone to help you.

When was the last time you updated your website? In this age of technology, customers more often than not go to a store or restaurant’s online site before visiting the business in person. Revamping your online site can attract a new wave of customers and leave a lasting impression.

Reassess your staff and take steps to improve customer service.

Evaluate the strength of your internal team as everything successful within a business starts with the people that interact day-to-day with your customers. Work to update your onboarding, training and payroll processes and ensure your employees are receiving the benefits they deserve.

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