Women in Leadership: Chief Legal Officer, Chief of Staff, and Board Member Honora Moore Shares Insights on Her New Role

Honora Moore is the Chief Legal Officer at Get Beyond and has been a member of the Board of Directors for over 5 years. Recently, she was given the additional title of Chief of Staff. This new role has given her a fresh perspective on the business and a renewed sense of commitment—and with that, a lot more work.

This week is International Women’s Week—a time to celebrate women’s achievements, raise awareness against bias, and act for equality. Moore, like many women at Get Beyond, has forged her way in a predominantly male-dominated field, gaining influence and rising to the top. She exemplifies a leader whose expertise, integrity, and tenacity have helped transform the Get Beyond business.

At Get Beyond, we are proud to have influential women like Moore leading our company. From our Sales team to our Service Center, our Board of Directors, to Marketing, our female leaders are helping transform the rapidly changing financial technology industry.  

We sat down with Moore to learn more about how her new role has brought her a fresh perspective and what this new responsibility means for her and the Get Beyond business.

Forging Her Path

Moore began her career working as a volunteer for a community organizing coalition, advocating for women that were receiving public assistance. After seeing how the legal system could affect people’s personal lives, she decided to attend law school.

After graduating from Fordham Law School, she worked at law firms in New York City and New Jersey. Fifteen years ago, she found herself in the payments technology field as in-house counsel. Today, she is Get Beyond’s Chief Legal Officer and Chief of Staff, as well as a Board Member.

Mentorship and Influence Along the Way

As a junior associate, Moore had plenty of women counterparts and direct supervisors. However, as the years went on, there were less and less women working alongside and above her. Yet, she was lucky enough to have mentorship and sponsorship from men and to have friends and colleagues at senior positions in other companies. 

Moore explains where she has found inspiration along the way:

“I did not necessarily have a long view of my career or what a “career” in payments would look like. Luckily, each step of the way I felt supported by the people I worked with. I am inspired by women inside and outside of the company. What I see is that so many of my colleagues and friends are making the skills they have work for them—and they are up for trying new things. I focus on how I can add value with my skillset and I strive to get enough courage to extend my skillset so I can add value to new tasks. This latter part is where my friends and colleagues show me the way.  If they can do it, maybe I can too. This is probably not the best intentional career-building approach, but it has worked for me and kept me happy, on the whole.“

New Challenges

In her new role as Chief of Staff, Moore works behind the scenes to solve problems, elevate company decision making, and increase operational efficiency.

“I like the sense of learning. And the idea that I might miss things and get them wrong is keeping me awake at night—in a good way. I am by nature a risk-adverse person which means I am prone to getting myself stuck in a rut. This new position is helping prevent that and giving me the chance to understand the business view of things better,” she explained when asked why she’s enjoying her added commitments.

As she looks to the future, she’s hoping to renew her commitment to the Beyond Women’s Group–created with the mission of encouraging supportive relationships and strengthening advocacy for women working at Get Beyond. Open to all employees, this group aspires to cultivate an environment where women can thrive personally and professionally, sparking opportunities for networking, mentoring, and discussion on topics relevant to women in the workplace.

“I’ve worked with many of the women at Get Beyond for years, and truly, the women here are best in class. I’m constantly impressed by the dedication to their job and this company. While we might be in a male-dominated field, we have a history of women taking the lead here—and you can feel it across the board.”

Learn more about Get Beyond and the growing number of opportunities across the organization.

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