Women in Leadership: Chief Legal Officer Honora Moore Shares Her Road to Success

For Honora Moore, Chief Legal Officer and General Counsel at Beyond, “doing the right thing” has been a guiding pillar in her career since day one. From her first job at a community coalition advocating for women, to her work with Give Back and Court Appointed Special Advocates (CASA), she’s always found a way to channel her work for good.

This week is International Women’s Week—a time to celebrate women’s achievement, raise awareness against bias, and take action for equality. Moore, like many women at Beyond, has forged her way in a predominantly male-dominated field, gaining influence and rising to the top. She exemplifies a leader whose expertise, integrity, and tenacity have helped transform the Beyond business.

We sat down with Moore to learn more about her background and how she found success. From a volunteer to a corporate lawyer in New York City, to General Counsel at Beyond, Moore has risen through the ranks and showcases the kind of leader we should all strive to be.

Forging Her Path

Moore began her career working as a volunteer for a community organizing coalition, advocating for women that were receiving public assistance. After seeing how the legal system could affect people’s personal lives, she decided to attend law school.

After graduating from Fordham Law School, she worked in corporate law in New York City. Eventually, she found herself in the payments technology field—and today is the Chief Legal Officer at Beyond.

As Chief Legal Officer, Moore acts as General Counsel for Beyond, leading our organization with integrity and transparency at the forefront. Between law and the payment processing industry, Moore has always worked in fields typically dominated by men. Her advice to women navigating this is simple:

“Find something that aligns with your core values and keep showing up,” she explained.

Mentorship and Influence Along the Way

Like many of us, Moore learned what a good leader should do—and not do—from those she worked with in varying points in her career. As a new associate, some of her female colleagues showed Moore how to navigate the dynamic atmosphere of a high-pressure law firm. As she progressed, she grew her technical skillset with the help of a more senior female attorney who helped her develop her craft.

As she moved through her career, Moore saw that there wasn’t a lot of female representation at the top of organizations. When asked what she thinks is the most significant barrier for women trying to move into senior roles, she reflected on the lack of representation.

“You don’t see it, so you don’t believe it. There aren’t enough models of women in these high-power roles, so it’s hard for many women to envision themselves there. I always thought the sacrifice would be too great to keep at it, but for me, it was more about tradeoffs versus sacrifices.”

As Chief Legal Officer of Beyond, she’s paving the way for other women to join her at the top. “I had enough sponsors who believed in me and encouraged growth—and it’s my job to play that role for other women as well,” she explained.

Beyond Women’s Group

Moore was a founding member of the Beyond Women’s Group, created with the mission of encouraging supportive relationships and strengthening advocacy for women working at Beyond. Open to all employees, this group aspires to cultivate an environment where women can thrive personally and professionally, sparking opportunities for networking, mentoring, and discussion on topics relevant to women in the workplace.

“So much of my career path has relied on relationship building. I wanted to give women at Beyond opportunities to meet and learn from their female peers within the organization, outside of just their formal boss,” she noted, when asked why she started the Beyond Women’s Group.

From operations to product, the women at Beyond are key influencers in the company’s growth trajectory. Moore explains:

“I’ve worked with many of the women at Beyond for years, and truly, the women here are best in class. I’m constantly impressed by the dedication to their job and this company. While we might be in a male-dominated field, we have a history of women taking the lead here—and you can feel it across the board.”

Learn more about Beyond and the growing number of opportunities across the organization.

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