Select Series

Convenient Checkout Experience

Make payment acceptance easier for your team and your customers. Our intuitive Select series smart terminals are secure, flexible, and designed to grow with your business.

beyond select smart terminals

A Powerful Platform at Your Fingertips

Whether you are in the retail, restaurant, or service industry, you can simplify the way you accept payments and manage your business. 

a80_a920_smart terminals

Seamless Payments

Smart terminals that allow you to quickly accept EMV chip, contactless, and mobile wallet transactions with minimal on-screen prompts for faster checkout. 

Secure Technology 

Protect your customer’s payment data—and your cash flow—on a secure Android operating system armed with the latest encryption and fraud prevention technology.

Robust Application

Quick access to functions such as tip adjustments, manual or auto settlements, and print, text, or email receipts. Support for B2B transactions with lower rates.

Flexible Connectivity 

Ensure your business is always running with options for WiFi, ethernet, and 4G cellular. Whatever your business needs, choose complete flexibility. 

Compact Hardware

Ruggedized, portable devices with the simplicity of a terminal and the scalability of smartphone—perfect for pay-at-table or back-of-the-line transactions. 

Advanced Reporting

In-app, real-time reporting for easy access to information on batches, transactions, gratuities, and server history.

A80 Smart Countertop Terminal

A920 Smart Mobile Terminal

Looking for a cleaner way to pay?

We’re here to help your business get through these challenging times. From switching to contactless only payments to removing the signature requirement, talk to us about entirely touchless transactions. 

Accept secure payments with the next generation of countertop terminals. Ditch the cords with our durable, cost-effective smart terminal, featuring Wi-Fi and mobile cellular connectivity.

  • Minimal on-screen prompts for faster checkout

  • Ruggedized EMV-enabled device

  • Individual user login for secure payment acceptance

  • Basic cloud access and full ethernet, dial, and Wi-Fi backup

  • Email, text, or print receipts

Whether you’re running a food truck or mall kiosk, experience a portable POS with the simplicity of a terminal and the scalability of a smartphone. The compact hardware can be hand-held or placed on a countertop.

  • Perfect for pay-at-table or back-of-the-line transactions
  • Complete connectivity with Wi-Fi, 4G, mobile hotspot, or ethernet
  • Emailed, text, or printed receipts—directly from built-in printer

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Benefit from a scalable, cloud-based POS register without the hassle of a complicated point-of-sale system. Compact enough to conserve counter space, robust enough to handle advanced reporting and analytics.

  • Countertop, dual screen POS station
  • Enhanced inventory tools, flexible configurations, intuitive layouts, customizable reporting, and detailed analytics
  • Kitchen tickets printed directly from integrated printer
  • Discount and tax pricing variations


Take your point-of-sale system wherever your business is. Offer your customers a convenient checkout experience right from your smartphone. The card reader and simple app are easy to use.

  • Secure Bluetooth card readers

  • Compatible with iOS and Android devices

  • Intuitive app with real-time reporting and analytics

  • Accept all payment types– EMV contact or contactless, NFC, magstripe, and cash payments

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