Service Industries

Business Solutions for Service Professionals

Accept Payments Anywhere

Get paid for your service—faster. Offer your customers convenient payment options while expecting deposits as soon as next day.

Effortless Customer Billing Tools

Spend less time chasing receivables. Simplify bill presentment, e-invoices, and recurring billing for easier Accounts Payable management.

Simplify Back-Office Processes

Whether you’re managing a law office or plumbing business, you should spend less time running payroll and manual processes.

Payment Solutions

Onsite or in-field payments made easy.

Take payments however your customers want to pay.

From mobile payments to e-check or ACH, our experts will work with you to implement flexible payment options to meet your business needs. 

Adaptable POS Suite

Expect fast transactions, efficient inventory management, and advanced reporting with our range of intuitive payment terminals and simple POS systems. 

Mobile card readers for onsite or in-home transactions

Handheld smart terminals for the ultimate flexibility

Simple POS stations ideal for payments at the office

Secure credit card terminals with quick receipt printing

Billing Solutions

Easier invoicing—at your service.

Automate Customer Billing

Put your Accounts Payable on auto-pilot. Collect one-time or repeat payments faster with simpler bill presentment and subscription management.

Electronic Bill Presentment

Easily email quotes, invoices, and receipts to organize records and save time—for you and your customers. ​

Recurring Billing

Increase retention and efficiency with automated billing for subscription or installment payments. ​

Secure Storage Vault

Protect your customers’ credit card information with secure storage in a PCI-certified database.​

Account Updater Services

Spend less time chasing receivables when expiration dates and card account info are updated automatically.​

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Back Office Management

Focus on your business, not the daily paperwork.

hr solutions

Manage Your Team

Hire, pay, and retain your employees with an integrated online payroll and HR tool. 

Business Capital

Thinking about investing in new equipment? Improve your cash flow and get the capital you need with low rates and fast funding.

business solutions for service professionals

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