7 Ways to Instantly Boost Employee Morale

A team with low spirits can be toxic to a work environment. Not only does it make the workplace unpleasant, but it can have long-term effects on everything from retention to the bottom line. 

Does your team need a boost to their morale? While they’re not long-term solutions, sometimes your team might need a quick pick-me-up. Whether it’s been a particularly tough week of shifts or you just need fun ways to boost morale at work, try one of these low-lift solutions. 

Say Thanks

Showing gratitude or appreciation takes little work but has lasting benefits on employee morale. Kick it up a notch with an intentional expression of thanks, like:

  • Writing a thoughtful note to an employee going above and beyond 
  • Approaching a coworker during downtime and letting them know how much you appreciate their work
  • Sending a thoughtful text at the end of a shift
  • Writing a thank you email to the entire team after a tough event or long day 

While it may seem small, a genuine thank you can go a long way.

Ask for Feedback

Employees who don’t feel that their voice is heard in the workplace might start to disengage. An overwhelming 89% of employees say feeling safe and heard at work is essential.  

Let your team know you’re listening by kickstarting a feedback or review process. Consider creating quarterly performance reviews, instituting a suggestion box, or creating an email survey where employees can share opinions anonymously. 

Starting the feedback process can instantly boost employee morale, giving team members a voice to create change at their workplace. However, this isn’t a one-time tip; once you start the feedback process, following through is important. 

Offer a Break

We all need a break from time to time. Giving a coworker a few minutes off the floor or a chance to decompress can be a very helpful tool in boosting employee morale. 

During a shift, if you see an employee struggling or dealing with a particularly difficult task, consider giving them an unexpected break or even giving them the rest of the day off if you can manage. 

This benefits morale two-fold giving: 

  • Instant recognition for a job well done
  • Creating work-life balance by granting someone time to recharge when they need it

Give Them What They Need

Sometimes, all you need to do is listen to boost employee morale. Chances are, your coworkers have mentioned something they need to do their job better or lamented a pain point at the workplace. 

For example, maybe the coffee maker in the breakroom is on its last legs, or something as small as the soap in the washroom could use an upgrade. Buying a new coffee maker that works or splurging on a better hand soap can quickly boost a fatigued team. 

The key to this is really listening to your team and giving them what they need to do their job better. It may be directly related to their tasks or just an improvement to their workplace environment. Either way, getting your team what they need can instantly boost the mood. 

On-Demand Services

Employees may feel burned out during busy seasons at the end of the day, keeping them from basic tasks or upkeep. One way to combat that fatigue and boost morale is by offering on-demand services during the workday. 

It’ll require a little coordination, but consider hiring a:

  • Mobile car wash to wash employee’s cars during shifts
  • Barber or hairdresser to offer a quick trim
  • Massage therapist or chiropractor to give quick adjustments or massages 
  • Laundry pick up and drop off service to wash clothes during a workday

Bringing services to the workplace alleviates the burden of after-work tasks and shows your employees you recognize their hard work. While it may sound pricey, you can snag a lower price for the service if your entire team participates. 

Make it Meaningful

Often, a business’s mission is only mentioned during onboarding. Studies show engagement can dip when employees feel a lack of meaning or purpose in their work

It sounds small, but reminding employees that their work is meaningful can make a big difference. Regularly share positive customer feedback with the team and post your business’s ethos or purpose in the break room to remind team members that what they do is important. 

Meaning doesn’t have to be big or complicated. Sometimes it’s as simple as helping someone’s day improve.

No “I” in Team

Planning a team-building activity to boost employee morale doesn’t always have to be big or pricey to be effective. 

Start by soliciting feedback from your employees. What do they do for fun, and what might they be interested in doing together? It’s important to make sure your team buys into the activity from the start instead of wasting time planning an event no one is excited about. Plus, you may be surprised to hear the suggestions—a team-building activity could be as low effort as planning a movie night or potluck. 

Once you have an idea of what the team would enjoy doing together, then it’s time to add a team-building twist. Try adding an element that encourages employees to get to know each other better, like assigned seating at a meal or doing a “Dating Game” style bonding activity. 

There are quick ways to instantly boost employee morale, but it’s also important to set in motion long-term solutions, including team building and benefits. Everything from the work environment to glitchy software can drain employee morale. 

That’s where Get Beyond can help. With easy-to-use business tools and services, you can focus on your team instead of the back office. Need more tips and tricks for running a small business? Subscribe to our blog and never miss a beat. 

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