Employee Spotlight: Edis Alihodzic

Beyond is excited to announce Edis Alihodzic as October’s featured employee. Edis works as a Sales Consultant out of the Louisville office and was nominated by Team Lead Dee Beisel.

The nomination of Edis exemplifies the symbiotic relationship between our expert sales and client support teams as they work together towards a mutual goal. This cross-department collaboration plays an integral piece in Beyond’s success model, and results in exceptional and high-quality client relationships. It’s the unique skills, expertise, and dedication of Sales Consultants like Edis that drive the customer experience and propel Beyond’s success forward.

Edis begins and ends each day with a consistently kind and patient demeanor, always willing to help as needed. With sincere appreciation, Dee notes it is difficult to narrow down just one instance where Edis has come to her aid.

“Edis never ceases to amaze me! He has been my lifesaver more than once. He takes time to get answers to bizarre, but necessary, questions and always, always provides help with a smile. I may be on the phone, but I can hear him smiling. That in itself is a true talent. He is awesome sauce!” raved Dee.

When challenges arise, Edis meets them with patience and steady guidance. Recently, one of Beyond’s premiere accounts was facing issues with its Pax devices going offline in its retail store. Thanks to Edis, Dee was able to obtain the necessary information, update the Beyond POS Select setup, and remedy the situation.

“They have seven devices at their location all spread out in different buildings and Edis stayed on the phone with me the whole time while I trekked from device to device,” Dee explained. “He helped me make sure I got what I needed so the devices would stop going offline. He kept me calm. We have not had an issue with those devices since.”

Though Edis has his own task-list to complete each week, he continually focuses on meeting the needs of the sales team and providing them extra support. He displays empathy for his colleagues—helping them as they navigate terminals, gateways, and resellers.

“Having someone support you who not only cares but does everything possible to truly be helpful means the world to me,” Dee said. “It helps us feel like we are not alone.”

It is Edis’s unrivaled dedication to not only his work, but to his team members, that deems him highly deserving of this recognition. Whether he is lending knowledge, or simply lending a hand, Edis can always be counted on to go above and beyond. Congratulations, Edis, and thank you for your contributions to Beyond’s evolving future.