Mastering the Art of the Client Relationship: Patricia Logan

American author and salesman Zig Ziglar once said, “You don’t build a business—you build people—and then people build the business.”

Beyond Business Advocate Patricia Logan successfully embodies this philosophy in her sales approach. It’s one thing to teach someone how to run a transaction or the nuances of a POS system, but it takes intangible character to truly show how much you care. Logan takes the time to get to know her clients—building trust through her commitment to understanding their business. Take it from Michelle Stevens, Beyond client and owner of the eco bath store, The Refill Shoppe in Ventura, California.

“Patricia has been absolutely amazing throughout the process,” Michelle said regarding her seamless transition to Beyond Payments. “In addition to the social good that Beyond is doing, I really love having somebody who I know that I can say, ‘Hey I had a disputed transaction,’ and she’ll come by and follow up—that’s amazing and not the norm for customer service in business to business.”

Logan’s knack for maintaining strong client relationships does not stop at the Refill Shoppe. When working with each client, Logan keeps the specific needs of their business top of mind. She takes the time to consider how the different Beyond products could help the individual businesses grow.

When Logan approached Vanessa Martinez, owner of clothing store Alas Boutique, about her payment solutions, Martinez mentioned she had a “very basic charging system.” After Logan explained the relevant functions and features of Beyond’s payment processing offering, Martinez was excited to switch to Beyond Payments.

“Patricia has been amazing and has been helping me from the moment I transitioned to Beyond,” Martinez said. “You get that trust from her—she just gets it. In any relationship, you have to build trust, and Patricia has really done that.”

Logan’s dedication to the businesses she serves exemplifies the core values we promise to our clients—the Beyond Promises. Our eighth Beyond Promise is centered around local sales representatives, Beyond Business Advocates, like Logan, who strive to help their clients excel.

When the salesperson first builds a relationship, ultimately, the product will do the rest—saving the business time and money to focus on what they do best. Logan makes herself reachable to her clients, proving through her frequent follow-up that she takes a personal interest in the future success of the business.

Learn more about the impact Logan has made on two Ventura, California businesses—Alas Boutique and The Refill Shoppe.


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