Online Ordering Doesn’t Have to Mean Hefty 3rd Party Fees

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As we charge ahead in 2021, we’re all looking for ways to improve our lives and hopefully make for an easier year than 2020 was. Whether that be getting on track to being healthy, finally getting serious about budgeting, or streamlining processes at your business—the beginning of the new year marks a time of fresh starts and productivity.

For small business owners, 2020 was a tumultuous year. Between business closures, implementing new health and safety precautions, and the turbulent state of the economy, 2020 was a year of immense uncertainty. After 2020 brought the restaurant industry to a halt, restaurant owners across the country are prioritizing getting back on their feet and finding more success this year. While 2021 isn’t poised to be a cakewalk, with the distribution of vaccines beginning, there’s a glimmer of hope on the horizon for restauranters. That, and the fact that restaurant owners are now seasoned at the quick pivot, rapidly adapting their restaurants to meet the changing demands of the COVID landscape.

While a return to normal might be in the books for 2021, indoor dining and regular restaurant operations are still on the backburner. With many customers still taking health and safety precautions, online ordering is a critical aspect of getting your restaurant back on its feet. Since third party ordering fees are through the roof, getting your restaurant online might seem out of the question. At Beyond, we’re committed to helping your business streamline operations and cut costs—so when we say if there’s one thing your restaurant should do in 2021, it’s consider adding online ordering—trust us.

Why Online Ordering is More Important Than Ever

More than half of consumers have started to avoid brick-and-mortar stores and restaurants because of the coronavirus pandemic—and more than a third of consumers plan to avoid them altogether until they have received a vaccine. While so many consumers are shifting to buying online—88 percent of the adult US market shops online—46 percent of small businesses don’t have a website.

Building a website is no small feat, and for many restaurants, it’s a low priority that will just take too much time. Using a third-party platform like Grubhub or DoorDash might seem like an easier option, since they will handle the online aspect, but when your restaurant is handing out nearly 20% of every order in commission fees, it can be hard to stomach the costs. Either way, there’s a simpler solution all together. Our online storefront is an easy and affordable solution for your online ordering and e-commerce shopping cart needs.

Storefront will get your menu online and help you start taking orders in no time. Your restaurant can offer curbside pickup or delivery, creating a safe experience for customers, and a cost-effective solution to online ordering for your business. Jump into 2021 with your best foot forward by taking your restaurant online fast. With a stylish, mobile-friendly interface, and easy-to-use menu setup that will highlight your offering, utilizing a cost-effective online menu solution is a sure-fire way to position your restaurant for success this year.

Hopkinton Village Store Takes Business Online

In a quiet town in rural New Hampshire, business owners Allison and Will knew their general store and deli—Hopkinton Village Store—needed to be ready for the second wave of coronavirus. The 230-year-old village store is a little bit of everything—grocery store, supply store, pizza shop, deli—you name it. When the pandemic hit, owner Allison knew she needed to be ready for whatever was to come and decided that online ordering was a must for the business. After checking out a few options, the owners decided to use Beyond Storefront to quickly get their menu online, and in the future possibly add online grocery shopping as an option as well.

“What I wanted to do was have a foundation in place where we could pivot our business really quickly if either we decided—or the state required us to—change our model. I didn’t want there to be a business interruption when something changed, even for a few days. We needed to future-proof our business.”

In just three days the Hopkinton Village Store had an online store and was able to start taking online orders.

“I love how quickly I can make changes and test things. One weekend I moved the “fried sides” category up to the top of the online store and ended up selling a fried side with every order. We’re able to test different things to see what works to increase sales.”

Thank you to Allison, Will, and their Beyond Business Advocate Sue Schoenfeld for sharing a little of Hopkinton Village Store’s online ordering success story.

At Beyond, we’re committed to helping local, independently owned businesses find success in even the most difficult times. We know 2020 was a challenging year for restaurant owners and we’re here to be a partner and trusted resource as you work to rebuild your business. Learn more about Beyond Storefront or talk to a local Business Advocate today.


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