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Prepared to Perform: Beyond Sales Training

Workplace research reveals that almost 40 percent of employees who don’t receive proper training for their roles will leave the company within the first year. Employers typically focus their budgets in other areas, leaving minimal funds for necessary employee training. Providing new hires with organized, thorough instruction is an easy way for a company to showcase its commitment to its employees and their success.  

Here at Beyond, our Sales Training team is committed to helping each salesperson reach and exceed his or her goals. To retain our most successful Business Advocates, the Sales Trainers equip them with the vital resources and knowledge needed to thrive in their roles.

The program includes everything from online training modules, product demos, and certifications, to in-field guidance. Our Sales Training team also works closely with our Product Teams to connect new Business Advocates with technical product experts—allowing Business Advocates to start selling from day one. Led by Senior Director of Sales Enablement, Lyndsey Perry, the team is comprised of thoughtful, committed individuals who care about increasing the success of our Sales team.

One devoted team member is Technology Trainer Liz Cox, whose can-do attitude and outstanding knowledge have made her a standout employee.

“Liz loves our people,” Perry said. “She is always willing to go the extra mile, even if it is on a Saturday or early in the morning.”


Cox’s team can always count on her to help on any project—big or small. She’s the first one to jump on the phone to walk a new rep through something as simple as the training module login process.


“If you have ever emailed the Sales Training email, there is a good chance you saw firsthand the care that goes into every interaction with Liz,” Perry added.


At Beyond, it’s no secret that the work of our Sales Trainers fuels the success of our Business Advocates. Neither can prosper without the other.


To learn more about the benefits of a sales career at Beyond, visit our careers page