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Qualities of a Leader: Aaron Gatlin

When it comes to leadership in the workplace, there is no one-size-fits-all style. From those who lead by example, to others who lead by proposing unique or bold ideas, strong leaders play a critical role in impacting a business’s bottom line.

For Beyond’s Aaron Gatlin, a rise to leadership was seemingly inevitable—just ask his fellow team members. Initially drawn to Beyond for its philanthropic mission, Give Back, Gatlin began his career at Beyond as a Software Engineer in 2017. After nearly two years in his role, Gatlin was promoted into a leadership position as Manager of Delivery in April.

Quality Engineer Nacourja Holland works closely with Gatlin and raves about his infectious energy and kind demeanor. She speaks highly of his contributions on her team, remarking how widely admired he is among both the IT Delivery team and the larger Beyond organization.

“While in his development role, he continuously shared his technical expertise and was an advocate for teamwork and strong culture,” Holland said. “He once stated, ‘I don’t want our IT Delivery culture to be as good as Google. I want us to be better than Google.’ Aaron continues to excel and grow as he transitions into his new managerial role.”

Passionate and a natural leader, Gatlin also brings strong technical skills and a breadth of experience to his new position. His extensive technical background compliments his nearly ten years of work in the payments industry. This depth of experience in financial services is extremely valuable, and his cohorts feel fortunate to have his expertise on the team.

“I have an immense amount of trust in Aaron and respect for who he is and what he stands for,” noted Vice President of Delivery, Bryan Massey.

Gatlin has grown to be a catalyst for change within the IT Delivery team and the entire Beyond organization. Massey added that Gatlin never shies away from speaking up about difficult topics, to challenge the status quo, or offer up new ideas.

“He is a valued team member and friend that I know I can always count on. I know he will always have the best interests for Beyond in mind,” Massey said.

As Beyond continues to grow, Gatlin’s leadership and forward-thinking mindset will help to advance future initiatives and maintain our commitment to excellence.