The One Thing All Small Businesses Should be Doing in 2021—BOPIS

The COVID-19 Pandemic has impacted the way we live in numerous ways. Between work-from-home, online school, business closures, and social distancing requirements—we’ve all had to adapt our day-to-day lives since the pandemic began. While everyone experienced some degree of change this year, small business owners have felt the impacts tenfold.

Independent business owners are resilient—and no strangers to thinking on their feet and finding unique ways to keep their businesses alive. Despite the pandemic that has hit small and independent retail businesses particularly hard, many have found creative ways to keep their businesses thriving—finding particular success in e-commerce.

With less in-person business and most consumers avoiding face-to-face transactions, online spending has increased dramatically since the pandemic’s inception. Global digital sales increased 45 percent in 2020 and nearly $1 in every $5 was generated from online orders. Businesses with curbside pickup, drive-thru, or in-store pickup options gained the most significant sales spikes during the holiday season this year—providing both a convenient and safe way for consumers to complete purchases. As a small business owner, if you aren’t offering an option for Buy Online Pick Up In-Store (BOPIS) you should definitely consider it.

BOPIS and Its Rapid Retail Growth in 2020

While Buy Online Pick Up In-Store commerce has always been popular for the big-box stores, many smaller retail businesses began leveraging this solution during the pandemic. BOPIS is exactly as it sounds—it allows consumers to purchase something online, and then pick it up in-store, usually on the same day. For smaller businesses, this is a great option to keep in-store purchases high, without having to pay for or coordinate shipping logistics. BOPIS is a great option not only because it is safer for both customers and employees during the pandemic, but also because it eases the customer experience and gives your business more opportunities to sell.

Since the pandemic began, brands are seeing customers selecting BOPIS four times more than before the pandemic and nearly 70 percent of consumers have made multiple BOPIS purchases. More than half of shoppers have selected a brand because of the BOPIS option—so if your business doesn’t offer BOPIS, 2021 is most certainly the year to start. 

Online Ordering, Hold the Hefty Third-Party Fees

BOPIS isn’t just great for retail either—it’s a smart, safe solution for restaurants as well. Since the pandemic began, many restaurants have had to rely on takeout orders to keep their businesses alive. Unfortunately, takeout and delivery can be costly if your restaurant is relying on third-party platforms to list your restaurant. By offering BOPIS, your restaurant can skip the hefty third-party fees, and offer ordering right from your website or social media, allowing customers to place orders from the safety of their home and pick it up curbside.

Take Your Business Online Without the Hassle

The pandemic has shown businesses that the key to success is being able to adapt to your customer’s ever-evolving needs. And in 2020, online ordering and e-commerce was a top demand. We understand that e-commerce can be overwhelming—and building your own online store might seem totally out of the question right now. Luckily, Beyond Storefront makes it simple to get your business online fast. Beyond Storefront is the simple, secure, and stylish solution for your online ordering and e-commerce shopping cart needs—and your business doesn’t even need to have a website to utilize it.

With brand customization, easy online store management, and worry-free security, Beyond Storefront is a simple, affordable way for your business to offer BOPIS for either your retail store or restaurant—and meet your customers’ demands.

2020 was a tough year—and 2021 is sure to have its challenges for small businesses as well. Beyond is here to make things easier. Whether through our intuitive suite of business tools, or our round-up of small business insights and resources, trust us as your go-to partner for everything you need to run your business better in 2021.


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