Stacking your own deck. Sales support, leadership vision and unencumbered earnings.

There’s an age old saying, “great products sell themselves”. While a great product makes the life of a salesperson much easier, there are additional factors that may provide an even greater impact to sales team success. The sales team structure and entrepreneurial independence of its members can make all the difference in creating industry leaders.

So, what should you be looking for when choosing a sales team?


1. Open Communication & Resources

As a salesperson, the last thing you want is to feel like you’re on an island. Even some of the strongest performers can benefit from open communication with their sales colleagues. This effect can be even more impactful for national sales teams comprised of independent reps. While clients and regions may differ, the ability to connect with team members to share successful tactics and resources can be invaluable.

Connectivity with other salespeople is as important as your relationship with the leadership team. Look for companies with leadership that proactively engages the sales team. Engaged leadership provides a consistent voice and sets the course for company values and strategic direction.

In the hiring process, ask how they promote open communication and give you access to the most current resources. The answer very well could guide your decision on the best organizational fit for your preferences.


2. Controlling Your Destiny

An entrepreneurial mindset can’t be dismissed in today’s sales environment. Most — if not all — independent sales reps are internally driven. They handle multiple communications streams, workflow management, build their own distinct knowledge of the product offering, and much more. With this amount of skin-in-the-game, the level of effort and success should equal compensation.

Sales team structures that allow you to be your own boss, especially when paired with uncapped earning potential, can be the perfect storm for remarkable success stories. In an April Forbes magazine article on the benefits of being your own boss, there were many key factors which were noted to have a profound effect on salesperson success:

– Being in control of the look, feel, and flexibility of your work environment.

– Eliminating office politics and red tape — allowing you to get things done quickly.

– Freedom to use creativity and assertiveness to experiment with tactics and communication strategies.



3. The Bottom Line Matters – Compensation Formats

You can be immensely successful within your region or product line, and still fall short of meeting financial goals if the compensation package isn’t structured for sales team success.

Uncapped earning potential is the gold standard. Imagine you have exceeded expectations and performance benchmarks only to have your commissions capped, while the remaining profits were passed along to your employer — it’s the equivalency of a gold star for participation. In business, there is no space for participation awards.

Don’t let your impressive skill set and performance milestones be diminished by a poor compensation format. Fight to find an employer that rewards those who continue to go beyond expectations.


Inspired and ready to demand more from an employer? Good. We here at Beyond believe that great products can’t sell themselves because it’s the sales team that provides unmatched service for the customer along with a great product. Explore a company that is built on sales team support and success. Send us your resume or drop us a line here.