Switching Payroll Providers Doesn’t Have to be a Headache

In a small business, you’re expected to wear many hats, some expected; others, not so much. One hat many business owners don’t expect to wear is the “payroll processor hat.” While very necessary to running a business, processing payroll can be a time-consuming process. 

And when it comes to deciding to switch payroll providers, it can be an even bigger headache. However, for this Get Beyond client, the choice was easy.

Continued Partnership

DM Enterprises Autobody has been a Get Beyond payment processing client for years. “Since the beginning, our rates have not changed, and we love the fact that we can rely on a non-changing rate with no surprises,” explains Ruth Mulkey, Office Manager at DM Enterprises.

However, it wasn’t until a visit from their local Get Beyond rep, Anthony Viscuso, that DM Enterprises started rethinking their payroll strategy. DM had been paying high payroll fees, with little to no added benefits from their previous payroll processor. When Anthony stopped by for updates and troubleshooting, Ruth got to talking about their struggles with payroll and how Get Beyond Payroll might be the solution. 

“We sat down and discussed the fees for payroll processing and discovered that Get Beyond is cheaper than our current provider,” says Ruth. “The thought of switching providers hadn’t crossed our minds, but with the added Get Beyond benefits, it seemed like a good choice.”

Switching Payroll Providers with Ease

Switching payroll providers can be a challenge for a small operation, especially when you don’t have someone focused full-time on payroll. Anytime Ruth and the team at DM Enterprises started thinking about making a switch in payroll processors, the thought of an intimidating and laborious process kept them from making the switch. 

But, with the support of their Get Beyond team, they made the jump. That’s due in part to our dedicated payroll processing team at Get Beyond. With Get Beyond, DM Enterprises had a dedicated agent to help move all their data from their previous payroll processor to the new system, mirroring the way it was previously set up. 

“Everything happens behind the scenes, and you, as the customer, don’t even have to worry about any of it,” Ruth explains.

Even after the new payroll platform was up and running, Ruth got more assistance from our team when she ran her first payroll. She had an agent walk her through the process, ensuring she didn’t make any mistakes. Now, when DM’s processing payroll, they’ll reach out to Get Beyond agents from time to time to troubleshoot. 

It’s not just the value of an easy-to-use online payroll tool that convinced them to make the switch to Get Beyond, explains Ruth. It’s the added value of always having someone to talk to on the other end of the line with issues.

At Get Beyond, we aren’t just your payroll processor. We’re your payroll partner. We promise to be an ongoing partner to your business. That means you’ll always have a real person to work with, not a dead-end 1-800 number. If you’re looking for a payroll provider who keeps the humanity in employee management, look Beyond.

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