Three Tips to Keep Your HR Practices Current During COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic has become a global accelerator for change—from workplaces to schools, the way we communicate, shop, and work has been transformed since the virus emerged. With this change comes new policies and laws as the world attempts to mitigate risk and slow the spread in workplaces and businesses alike.

As a small business owner or operator, staying on top of policy changes and new labor laws can be nearly impossible. But as the crisis continues to unfold, implementing procedures before problems arise will be imperative for the success of your business. From layoffs to hiring, and monitoring state and federal resources and guidelines, there’s a lot to keep track of to make sure your business stays compliant. Read on for three tips to get your business’s HR practices into tip-top shape and protect your business during the pandemic.

Follow State and Federal Government Guidelines and Resources

No matter what phase of reopening your state is in, it’s important to follow all government guidelines. If you’re not sure what those are, check out the US Chamber Of Commerce website for various guides and strategies for moving your business forward. If you’re looking for state by state guidance, we can help. With Beyond’s HR on Demand tool, you can get access to a comprehensive, continuously updated COVID-19 Frequently Asked Questions forum based on issues our HR Advisors are fielding during the crisis. Keep your business compliant and keep your staff and customers safe by following all the new COVID-19 related guidelines.

Take Stalk of Your Policies and Procedures

If you haven’t updated your business’s handbook or policy manuals since the pandemic began, take a minute to re-evaluate your practices. Just because you haven’t run into any HR related issues yet, doesn’t mean you won’t, and it’s important to have procedures in place ahead of time. Like many business owners, you might be being forced to re-evaluate your staffing plans, a process no business owner wants to go through alone. Consider leveraging sample letters for layoffs and furloughs, so you can have peace of mind knowing you’re giving your team all the information they need, while protecting your business. Our team of expert HR Advisors can help you tailor a broad set of templates, forms, notices, and policies to fit the specific needs of your business.

Stay Up to Date on COVID-19 Related Legislature

The most common questions our HR experts have been receiving are regarding the Families First Coronavirus Response Act (FFCRA) and the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, Economic Security Act (CARES). Understanding what these laws mean for your business is crucial during this time, especially if you have received any kind of government relief. With clearer federal definitions of both these Acts now in place, your concerns may have shifted to how to access these and similar programs for former, furloughed, and current employees. We can walk you through all your unemployment questions related to COVID-19, reduced hours, and the CARES Act.

Throughout this crisis, providing our clients consistent, quality support has remained a top priority. As policies and laws continuing to evolve, so will our support offerings, making sure you never have an unanswered HR question. Learn more about other ways we can support your business right now by checking out all our COVID-19 resources.


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