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As a sales professional, you’re no stranger to working hard. From long hours on the road to early morning appointments, you know what it takes to get the job done. But what about a company that works as hard for you as you work for them? Not everyone can honestly say that their company has their back—but when you work at Beyond, we promise you can.

At Beyond, we know our sales professionals—or Business Advocates as we call them—are the backbone of our success. And we know the job isn’t easy. That’s why we make promises, both to our clients and our employees, so we can prove just how committed we are. In an industry that’s notorious for changing the rules as they go, we’re committed to being a true partner to our clients and employees—putting honesty, integrity, and respect at the forefront of everything we do.

As a sales professional at Beyond, you can be sure that we won’t make you look bad by adding junk fees or raising prices on your clients. You can also be sure that we will treat you right, too. From our compensation structure to our culture of integrity and service, we give our sales professionals all the tools they need for success. We promise to have your back, so you can take your career to the next level. Here’s what else we promise:

Corporate Responsibility

As a financially independent, employee-controlled company, Beyond operates with the privilege of doing business the right way for all of its constituents. We are fundamentally committed to transparency and the highest level of ethics in our business practices. We publish and uphold the Beyond Promises as a core component of our mission and values, knowing they create legally binding rights that the vast majority of our competitors would never give their customers or employees.

Feel good about where you work. With transparency and ethics at the forefront of our business model, you can take pride in the work you’re doing—helping businesses in your community get the tools they need to operate their business. Our Business Advocates create lasting relationships in communities across America, partnering with small business owners to give them the tools they actually need to run their businesses.

Work-Life Balance

Make your own schedule, work the hours you want, and sell anywhere at any time. At Beyond, you’ll have the freedom to create a work-life balance that fits your lifestyle.

Can you really say you control your schedule? When you work at Beyond, you’ll have true freedom to manage your schedule and make time for what matters. Don’t compromise on what’s important to you—create a book of business you’re proud of while still prioritizing the things in your life that matter the most.

True Flexibility

As a Beyond sales representative, you will serve as a true advocate for your clients with the right to sell or refer any, and all, products in our suite. You will not be restricted to a product, territory or geographic location.

Don’t be constrained by territory or product limitations. Sell whatever your clients want, wherever they need it. Not only can you sell any product without restrictions, but you’ll be proud sell our suite of business tools. When you work at Beyond, you’ll be selling superior technology, like our online storefront, that helps business owners easily get online and streamline processes.

Exceptional Support

Our professional, US-based service center provides effective underwriting, efficient onboarding, and excellent customer service for your clients. Expect the best service in the industry.

Selling for Beyond means you have the support of our US-based service center, ready to help you and your clients 24/7. Get the support you need to sell and give your clients peace of mind that our Service Center will always be available to keep their business up and running. You can also personally expect superior support from Beyond—including full benefits for you and your family so you can always be prepared for whatever lies ahead.

Ready for a career with no quotas or limitations? At Beyond, you’ll be your own boss, with freedom to sell however fits your life. Take your career beyond—learn more and join the team today. 


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